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Frediver's Kit

One of the challenges was to think out of the Box. I have found that the box doesn't fit so I am going to make a new Box! I will add a 2nd pocket to the lower 1/2 of my sheath.

For a BK-7 (smaller size) lash points and webbing to attach L.B.E. items. A small mag. pouch maybe. I will add a envelope pocket to the back of the sheath as well. Flat items only less than 1/2in thick.

I finally got a BK-9 I checked the sheath pocket and very few of my selected items will fit. I have decided that the mini-kit with Led light will fit. As well as tying the para cord to the bottom of the sheath. I will post a pic of the mods. this week


The Basic kit will fit anywhere. I have included these items.
Omni seal lic. pouch-$1.00 waterproof container
6in duct tape wrapped on pouch--$? patches?
10ft.snarewire--$.10 traps, tiedowns
2 nails--$? triggers, points
L.E.D. light w/string neck cord--$5.00 finding stuff?
foil 12x12 $? food prep, lures
1ea. tea, sugar, soup, red pepper--$ ?
Steri strips--$ 1.00? 1st.aid
1x2 moleskin--$.10? sucking chest wound?
2 bandaids -- $.10 sm wounds,cuts?
2 aspirin--$.25 H/A pain
2 allergy tabs $.25 allergic reactions
6 aqua pure tabs--$.50 water treatment
condom--$1.00 w/p container
1cc potassium permanganate--$.10 Water treatment,1st aid
1 w/p tinder plug--$.30 fire,plug/patch
2 cotton balls--$? fire,1st aid
On string find
Razor knife,spark tool,compass-$5.00 direction,cutting,fire
30ft.spiderline on bobbin--$1.00 sewing,fishing,traps
fish/trapping kit
10ft mono line > same as above
10ft dacron line>
6 sm. hooks + 6 B B splitshot
4 sm. safety pins
1 lg. sewing needle + 1 awl needle
Basic inventory list seen on top of pouch included in kit
To these items I will add as space permits in the pocket the following items.

1 40 gal. trash bag & 2 rubber bands--$1.00 shelter
1 1qt nylon water bag $? I made it
1 4 1/2 in. saw blade w/sharp back, taped--$2.00 cutting
This can be attached to a wooden handle the same way a arrow point is attached to a shaft,using a cord wrap and pitch.
These are small items and should be easy to fit in.
Both the trash bag and water bag are about
1 1/4 in x 1 1/4x1 3/4in. The blade just won't make a difference, it will fit. The next item would be the Gill net, again it will fold to about the same size as the bags,maybe smaller.
The net size is 4ft.x 6ft.--$ ? I have lots of it
Like the blade the suture should fit anywhere. I am inclined
to add it. I have seen a need for 1 in the past.

The mini bic won't fit but real fire is nice if it will--$1.00 It is wrapped w/12in.of duct tape.

The leather tool patch and para cord just won't make it in the pocket I think. And per the rules everything must be in the pocket if I read them correctly. However the para cord could be permanently attached to a grommet (if the sheath has one) near the leg tie down. I would wrap and tie it in a bundle
like a braided tassel.

I didn't pay over $20.00 for the items I needed to purchase, but I have a well stocked goodie box. To put this together I only bought a zipper gauge to strip out the compass and the saw blade.



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