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Woodsmaster© Volume 3

Making and Using your Outdoor Survival Kit

Hosted By Ron Hood

Available in DVD with 35  Chapters!

The Minikit

Volume 3 ..... Making and Using your Outdoor Survival Kit! .....

Have you ever wondered about survival kits? We have the answers...

  • What should go into your kit and how do you use it?
  • How can you make it small enough to carry conveniently?
  • What's useful and what isn't?
  • We'll show you a kit that fits in your pocket... and works.
  • We show you how to make it.
  • We show you how to use all the goodies from snare wire to fishing line.
  • When you see these tricks you'll know... the best survival kit is the one in your head!

Shot in California's High Sierra

These images are taken from actual video footage

Hiking if the beautiful Sierras

Learn how to catch and prepare bees for dinner.
That food BEE good!

Bee soup!

Learn about the Maxi Kit and the Mini Kit!

 The Maxi Kit layed out The Mini Kit

How can this tiny bottle purify thousands of gallons of water?

Iodine crystals purify water!

What are the pros and cons of the Hollow-Handled Survival Knife?

Considering hollow-handled knives

How can you tell directions with a leaf, some water and a piece of wire?

Needle compass

What the hell is a DELBOW?

The Delbow

Learn how to make a heavy duty sewing tool with stuff from your Mini Kit, Maxi Kit and natural materials!

See the tricks to making an animal snare and understand the responsibilities using one entails.

Making a snare loop The finished snare wire

The DVD version is available for  $19.95

Order online and save!

Order Here or call
Orders only: Toll Free (888) 257-BUGS (2847)
Information: (208) 665-5537

9 AM to 6 PM Pacific time

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