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Woodsmaster© Volume 4

Primitive Navigation and Wilderness Travel Techniques

Hosted By Ron Hood

Ron navigates with shadow

With Volume 4, getting lost is not an option!

We pulled out all the stops on this incredible volume of the Woodsmaster! We traveled from the windblown lava fields of the Mojave Desert to the stunning beauty of the High Sierra to bring you the parts and pieces you need to travel and navigate safely and efficiently in the wilderness.

And there's more! We packed in a ton of amazing Woodsmaster tricks and techniques that will help you continue on your path to becoming a Woodsmaster!

Here's what you'll learn in Volume 4 of the Woodsmaster©

These images are taken from actual video footage

The Ottomani Pocket Sun Compass

Ottomani sun compass

The shadow -- and shadowless -- stick method for determining directions!

Shadow and shadowless navigation

Directions with an analog -- and digital -- watch!

Navagation with a watch

That's not all you'll see!

Learn to Navigate by the stars with our night vision camera!

Navigation using the Stars:
Cassiopeia, the Big Dipper, Orion & Polaris

Determine your approximate latitude using the stars!

Accurizing the shadow stick for your latitude and season
The "Look-Back" Technique, Estimating magnetic declination from Polaris
The Bourbeau "Predominant object" Technique

Another method for determining height with a stick

Determine height with a stick

Woodsmaster skills

The "Head Hole"
Introductory Lithic arts... Pressure flaking and Percussion flaking

Preparation and use of pitch glue

Pitch glue stick

Making an arrowhead
How to notch a shaft to receive an arrowhead
Lashing the head to the shaft

Attaching an arrowhead

Travel Tips and techniques

The Plainsman's stride and Lockstep
Use of the walking stick and the Montegnard "Bu-Cat" technique
A technique for determining if you are properly hydrated
Rest periods and "Pulse rating"

...and there's more!

Primitive Navigation and Wilderness Travel Techniques is an incredible 84 minutes long!

DVD Version with 31 Chapters and awesome Clarity only $19.95

Order online and save!

Order Here or call
Orders only: Toll Free (888) 257-BUGS (2847)
Information: (208) 665-5537

9 AM to 6 PM Pacific time

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