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If you have questions about these kits contact 

Allen Jensen at


A good friend of ours, Allen Jensen, reviewed a number of sources and offered up his version of a couple of nice little and very practical, miniature survival kits. The entire kit contents fit in mint tins or small plastic bags. For more information on survival kit construction take a look at our Woodsmaster Volume 3

Click HERE to see the  Becker contest with a variety of new kit designs and the results of the contest to win the Becker BK-7 Knife. The contest was to see who could make the best use of the pouch on the Knife sheath.

You can purchase the mini plastic bags and Ferrocerium firestarter (metal match) in our on-line store.



5 Wind / Waterproof Matches


Match Striker 

Flint Paper, For Matches 

1 Metal Match 


1 Hacksaw Blade Striker 

2” For Metal Match 

1 Wire Saw  w/ 2 Rings ( Zip Saw)  

Cutting Wood, Snare, Garrote 

2 Cotton & Vaseline Tinder 

In W.P. Capsules, Fire Starter 

1 Button Compass (15mm) 

Direction Finding  

9 feet 550 Parachute Cord 

Repairs, Fishing, Snares 

5 feet Heavy Nylon Cord 

Repairs, Fishing, Snares 

25 feet 10# Monofilament Line 

Fishing, Sewing, on Vinyl “Reel” 

3 Small Swivels 

Fishing, Snares 

4 Split Shot Sinkers 

Fishing, Writing 

5 Small Brass Safety Pins 

Repairs, Gigging, + 1 Large S.P.  

6 Small Trout Hooks 

Fishing, Trapping 

1 Extra Large Hook 

Tie to Stick & Use as Gaff 

15 feet .025 SS Wire 

Repairs, Snares 

1 Needle & 1 E -Awl 

Repairs, First –Aid 

10 feet Nylon Thread 

Repairs, Fishing, on Vinyl “Reel” 

3 feet ” Adhesive Tape 

First-Aid, Repairs 

1 Gauze Pad (2” x 2”) 

First-Aid, Fire Starter 

1 Band-Aid w/ Antibiotic 

First-Aid, Fire Starter 

1 Disposable Vet Glove 

Water Carrier 

6 Purification Tabs 

Water Purification 

3 sq. ft. Aluminum Foil 

Cup to Boil Water, Cooking 

2 sheets Paper (2” x 3”) 

“Rite in the Rain” 

1 Wood Pencil 1 ” 

Writing, Tinder 

Two Piece Tinned Container 

Use Inside Cover for Signal Mirror 

2 feet Electrical Tape 

Seal Case, Repairs ,First-Aid   

3 “Ranger Bands” (Bike Tube) 

1” Rubber, Fire Starter, Slingshot 


Ron Hood (www.survival.com/14day.htm) and Woodsmaster Volume 3 

John Wiseman, The SAS Survival Guide, ISBN 0-00-472302-3 

Doug Ritter (www.equiped.org/drperskit.htm)


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