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Woodsmaster Videos 1 thru 10

Woodsmaster Video 11 thru 20

Woodsmaster Volume 11 - SOLO: The Quest for Survival

 (Telly Award Winner)

Follow Ron Hood as he travels deep into the mountains of Idaho for a two-week test of his survival skills. During his adventure he is poisoned by bad food, attacked by a moose and finds that a forest fire has destroyed most of the small game and fish. To top it off the summer weather quickly became a two week winter storm. With less than a pound of food for the two weeks and only a blanket and a tarp for shelter in the subfreezing temperatures you will learn how even a planned survival test can quickly become the “Real thing” (1 hour 58 minutes!)

Woodsmaster Volume 12 - Arid Land - Vehicle Survival

(Telly Award Winner)

In this video you will learn the tricks and techniques needed to get your vehicle out of trouble and back on the road. A broken down or stuck vehicle is the cause of the vast majority of survival incidents reported each year. With these skills you can avoid becoming a statistic. (1 Hour 44 minutes)

 Woodsmaster Volume 13 - Desert Survival; On Foot

 (Telly Award Winner)

This is the one we have been asked for more than any other topic. This video covers the tricks and techniques for survival on the ground, in the desert. Topics covered include travel, shelter, water, physiology and much more... Heck just click on the title and see some pictures and learn more about this great video! (1 hour 40 min)

Woodsmaster Volume 14 - Crafts for the field

"Crafts for the Field" covers some of the skills we get asked about most . This video investigates the thermoplastic called Kydex and how to mold and use it. It shows you how to cover a Kydex sheath with leather to give the sheath that Woodsmaster look without losing the safety of Kydex. It shows you how to make a small concealed carry holster from kydex, how to make leather buttons, a ditty bag, and a special Woodsmaster fingerless glove. (1 hour and 45 minutes)


Woodsmaster Volume 15 - Sticks, Stoves and Stitches

Another video in the Woodsmaster “close-up series”! In this video you will see how to make an efficient, lightweight and simple alcohol stove with aluminum cans you might find anywhere. You will also learn how to layout, size and make a pair of moccasins using rawhide and leather. Been having problems starting a fire with a fire drill? Learn how in this video. (1 hour 20 minutes)


Woodsmaster Volume 16 - Buffalo Butchers; Meat and Material from Large Game 

Woodsmaster Volume 17 - Buffalo Butchers: The Final Chapter

Woodsmaster Volume 18 - Bronze 1 Molding, Copying and Casting

Go to Romania to see ancient Bronze metal work and then learn Lost wax casting from the experts. This is the start of your adventure into home casting for fun and profit.

Woodsmaster Volume 19 - Bronze 2 - The Home Foundry

In this volume you learn how to build your home foundry, how to construct a propane burner and how to make a Dual fuel (propane or charcoal) furnace constructed from a flowerpot.

Woodsmaster Volume 20 - Bronze 3 - The Final Steps

In this volume learn the final steps needed to cast in sand and plaster as well as how to make the frame or flask for the sand, How to recover bronze and plaster, how to  create molds for delicate items and much more.


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