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Woodsmaster Videos 1 thru 10

Woodsmaster Video 11 thru  20

Volume 1 - Spark Based Fire Starting 
The Firebow! Now you can learn how to make fire by friction! Learn how to use Flint and Steel, the Metal Match, and a Flashlight Fire! This tape covers materials selection and amazing special tips. This is essential information for any woods person. (70 minutes)

Volume 2 - Survival Shelter Selection 
Learn the survival priorities and how to meet them! What is the rule of threes? You learn the heat loss mechanisms, site selection, pine log shelters, the Firebed, and more incredible Woodsmaster Tips, Lore and Techniques. This tape is a stunner! (80 minutes)

Volume 3 - Making and Using your Outdoor Survival Kit
What goes into a Survival kit, How to carry it. Discover how to make and use the amazing Mini Kit, it's so small it almost disappears in your pocket! The Maxi Kit, It's still small but it gives you so much to work with. Learn Wire Snares, Fishing tricks. A bee and a bird trap with a coffee can, animal hooks, the Delbow Pocket bow and arrow, the twitch up snare, tube tent tricks, a snare wire compass. Discover INNOVATION, and a bunch of special Woodsmaster tricks and techniques. This information can save your life! (a whopping 95 minutes)

Volume 4 - Primitive Navigation and Wilderness Travel Techniques
You'll learn the Ottomani pocket Sun compass. Night navigation, Shadow stick tricks, "Self Tracking", The Vietnamese Montegnards "bu cat" walking stick technique, the Plainsman stride and lock step, more techniques for telling direction, distance and height, trail travel energy saving techniques, hydration information and a ton more... Including the beginnings of the Lithic arts (Stone tool making)! (84 minutes of navigation wisdom)

Volume 5 - Traps and Trapping  

(Telly Award Winner  )
We thought long and hard before preparing this volume of the Woodsmaster. The more we thought about traps and trapping, the more we realized that this sensitive subject is one of the most important wilderness skills! After shelter and water, food is the key to survival living in the wilderness. This video covers the basic "engines" of machine type traps, techniques for setting and using snares, and much more. If you can't feed yourself after watching this video... you need a supermarket! Feed yourself for a lifetime! (88 minutes)

Volume 6 - Primitive Weapons Technology
Learn about the Viet Cong cross bow a simple and elegant solution to getting game and defending yourself. Learn how to "tiller" a functional bow and make arrows. See how to make and use an atlatl. Learn the skills and techniques of the sling, the throwing stick and a bunch more! Learn some basic hide tanning techniques and more information on the Lithic arts... Pressure flaking. (107 minutes)

Volume 7 - Jungle Living Skills

 (Telly Award Winner)
Hoods Woods went to the Amazon rain forest to practice the art of jungle survival! Learn to make an authentic jungle blowgun, make a bowl from mud to mug, learn how jungle beer is made, learn to prepare a monkey, construct a jungle trap, capture and eat alligators and more. Learn how to call jungle birds to your dinner pot, how to prepare your gear for hot-wet conditions and you will see how an isolated tribe of natives, the Chapra-Candoshi live in the heart of the jungle. This is a ground breaking video. Discovery with an attitude! This tape may be rated BBR (Barf Bag potential :>) (96 minutes)

Volume 8 - The Fundamentals of Tracking
One of the most important -- and most difficult -- skills of the Woodsmaster is the ability to track. In this volume of the Woodsmaster we examine the fundamental skills related to the art of tracking. We show you the “Four principles of sign,” how to read “Action indicators,” and ways to learn the age of a track. You’ll see how to make and use a “Tracking pit” and exercises you can do to sharpen your tracking skills. Since light is critical to effective tracking you’ll see the secrets of good lighting as well as dozens of Woodsmaster tracking tips and techniques.

In this volume we use the human footprint as the best way to learn tracking. If you practice however, you will be able to track anything that leaves “Sign.” (98 minutes)

Volume 9 - Primitive Knife Making

 (Telly Award Winner)

In this video you learn the secrets of materials selection, forge building, tools, techniques and tempering so you can make your own terrific tools or blades at home or in the field. Why buy expensive knives when you can make your own...from JUNK?

Once you’ve seen these techniques you will have the knowledge to make metal tools in the field. Find a horseshoe, build a primitive forge and a fire. Then, with a rock or a hard stick, you can heat and pound that piece of rusted junk into a usable and effective tool or weapon.

You will learn that you don’t need electricity, power tools or boat loads of money to make beautiful, functional and durable knives or other metal pieces. You will see that you can build a forge in your own back yard and you don’t need Arnie’s arms to hammer hot steel. It’s all in the technique…  (1 hour 45 minutes!)

Volume 10 - Survival Camping

Just click on over to the pictures from this video. When you get there you'll see why we can't really explain this video without photos.... It's fun, instructional, adventurous and it's amazing! (1 hour 58 minutes!)


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