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Critical Links – Other links of interest

Here are some sites which may be of interest to you. We think they deserve a look-see.

Gurkha House
Years ago I had a friend (The late Martin Kruse) make a big hammer forged chopper blade for me. When he was finished someone told me that it looked a lot like a khukuri. It did. I had it made that way because I always thought that the Khukuri was a great blade for whacking and chopping but I’d never seen a well built one here in the states.  That was before the Gurkha House appeared. These folks import the real thing. The best there is in the Khukuri lineup can be found here. The blades are so good that I agreed to evaluate them  in an upcoming issue of Tactical Knives. If you can’t wait for the article…. go buy a knife. You won’t be disappointed!

American Aboriginal Art
Primitive tools and art have always been a fascination of mine. Jim Witherington and Tricia London make and sell some of the best examples of aboriginal art I’ve seen. It’s not just a business for these folks… it’s a way of life. During the tourist season Jim conducts field programs to educate folks on the skills and way of life of the "Old Ones" who built the cliff dwellings in New Mexico.

Jim is an accomplished knapper and can make just about anything you can dream of… from rock, hide and wood. I strongly suggest you take a look at their fascinating website.

Rocky Mountain Survival Group
Pack a lunch? No! Pack for a month! Once you get into this links based resource, you’ll be surfing the web till the moon phase changes. M.E.G. Raven has compiled the most amazing encyclopedia of survival and outdoor related material I’ve ever seen… bar none. Not only is the information incredibly comprehensive, it is also amazingly well organized.

Read what RMSG has to say about our video tapes in their Woodsmaster Video Review! I think you’ll like what you see.

Magellan GPS
We’ve used several different GPS makes over the years. In the last couple of years Magellan has engineered the best units we’ve tested. These folks always seem to be on the cutting edge. The accuracy, durability and feature set of their current lineup has placed them in a special spot on our "must have" list. I strongly recommend that you call them (see our Sponsors Page) to get product information. A quick note: We tested several other units under heavy vegetation. Their 12 channel Parallel system consistently gave us the fastest lock-on and tightest position information. This is why we chose to depend upon Magellan for our Jungle navigation. We can’t afford to make a mistake!

Other interesting sites with a point of view.

  • An excellent Scouting resource Lots of good information for everyone, including Boy Scouts.
  • Backwater Trails These folks have really "gone the extra mile" with their site. You’ll find lots of interesting information and a real treasure chest of links and information about the outdoors.
  • The Outdoor Experience This resource provides an online source for all of your outdoor gear needs as well as an excellent links page. Very well organized.
January 7, 2010Karen Hood