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UM Vol 1 – The Home


Hosted By Ron and Karen Hood

Join Ron and Karen Hood and become an UrbanMaster! 

 In this first video you will learn how to prepare your home and family for disaster.  Be ready for earthquake, fire, terrorism, loss of job or other catastrophes.  The information in this video could save your life and the lives of your loved ones and family!

  • Learn easy and inexpensive ways to stock up your pantry.
  • Learn how to handle sanitation issues.
  • See how some dry ice can help you store food and grains for up to 20 years.
  • Learn how almost all houses already have many gallons of water stored, how to access that water supply and how to protect it from a little known threat.
  • Do you and your family have a "Family Disaster Plan" set up?
  • Learn the primary steps to to set one up and how it can save your life!
  • Find out about the "Big Mistake". 
  • See dozens of money saving and potentially life saving tips.
  • Find out how to make the job of emergency workers easier and more efficient.
  • Ron and Karen have filled this video with many practical tips and techniques from cooking tips to communications ideas that will get your home in line for disaster.

 Everyone who owns a home or rents needs this information!! Get this life saving video for you and a copy for everyone you care about! It makes no difference if you live in the City or off the grid, this material will make life safer for you should the unthinkable happen.

This video is the required primer for the advanced survival skills still to come  in the Urban Master video series. 70 minutes of information!!

Thoughts for the future:

In coming versions of UrbanMaster we will be discussing travel safety, urban escape plans,  defense techniques both passive and active and much more. This first volume is designed to help you prepare for common threats and disasters and to alert you to potential hazards. As you become more survival aware we will be revisiting the home with more advanced tips and techniques.

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January 7, 2010Karen Hood