(MOdular Survival System)

My kit is based on a modular system. I decided to take the kit out of the box so to speak. It is not so much what you put into each section but the fact that each section is separate and waterproof from the other sections. For example you can get into the fire starting section and not disturb the contents of the other sections. This keeps the remainder of the unused sections safe and dry until they are needed. There are additional zip lock style bags inside the sealed sections with sub components for much the same reason.

In this kit I chose the sections to cover the following basic areas:
1) Fire starting
2) First aid
3) Water containment and treating
4) Light nourishment and comfort

As I have already stated these sections can change according to the desires of the individual. For example I could have included fishing gear or dropped the first aid kit and tried to cover the shelter approach like Eric did in his kit by adding a survival blanket. Eric had already covered the shelter and Mike already included a saw so I didn’t want to look like I was just copying their designs. I did use Bill Hay’s match suggestion and TC’s vial idea for Potassium permanganate. I still have some sealed Polar Pure style tablets in the kit that I robbed from another kit but I have no idea of how you can get them outside of buying a complete kit. I am testing a small zip-lock bag with Polar Pure to see how the bag holds up over time but I didn’t want to include it in the kit until I am certain it will not effect anything else or rot out the bag!.

The source of the pouches is the waterproof wallets that are sold by both Coglands and Colman. They are made of a heavy duty rubbery plastic and each pouch is sealable like a Zip-Lock bag. They cost about five dollars for two wallets. (Four pouches)

Here are the pictures of the kit:

1)The full kit top view. It is bound with 11 ½ feet of Para-cord and measures about 4.5" X 3" X 1.5".
Full kit top view

Side view of the full kit:
Full kit side view

When the cord is removed the kit separates into the individual sections.

Partially complete fire kit. I will be adding sealed straw sections of fire paste, powered magnesium, and Vaseline covered cotton. There is plenty of room in this section for those items and more without affecting the dimensions:
Fire kit section

These are the two half kits spread out for contents:

The contents of the sections are:

Pouch #1 Fire kit
Hoods Woods Ferrocerium rod for starting fire
8 strike anywhere matches (In separate 2"X2" zip-lock bag)
One book of paper matches broken down with striker (Also in separate bag)
"Tubes" of fire starting compounds made from sealed straw sections
3′ of brass wire
Photon button size LED light
Metal flask containing Potassium permanganate for water purification and first aid applications
Button compass
Small pencil

Pouch #2 Signal and repair
P-38 can opener for working metal and striking the ferrocerium rod
Credit card size freznel magnifying card
Polished silver Mylar reflecting strip for signals (In own pouch)
Sewing kit in own container with 57yards of dental floss and a bunch of fishing line replacing two of the threads on the card. Kept the safety pins and white buttons as possible fishing gear and lures, (buttons) as well as their normal use.
Folded 3" X 1.5" cupcake holder for drinking and boiling water in. (Folded flat)
6 Aquaclear tabs for purifying water in sealed card
2 twist ties like those used on bread and stuff
Survival tips sheet and small supply of writing paper

Pouch #3 First aid;
Finger tip Band-Aid
3 three inch standard cloth Band-Aids
5 1.5" Band-Aids
One 2" X 2" Sterile gauze pad
Two strips of medical tape
One 1" X 3" strip of Moleskin
Three alcohol Prep pads
Two cleansing towelettes
One #27 scalpel blade
First aid instruction sheet

Pouch #4 Comfort pouch
12" of duct tape
One pouch of chicken bouillon
One bubblegum
One bag of tea
One pack of sugar

Pouch #5 Water
This is really a half pouch 2.5 X4" for carrying your hunting license or what ever you want to keep dry and secure. They are a single pouch and the entire kit could be made up using them instead of the wallet style I have used.
The only contents of this pouch are two Latex gloves for holding water. I find these more reliable than condoms and they also can be used as gloves while condoms are much more limited in their alternative uses. I only use Latex as I have found that Nytril gloves are far more unreliable. They are in their own separate pouch to be certain that they are protected no matter what is put into the other pouches.

I stopped at this point as I have little idea of what the size of the BK pouch is and I didn’t want to over do it. If there was extra room I would consider a sharpener for the main knife and the good old stand-by Bic lighter.

January 7, 2010Karen Hood