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WM13 – Desert Survival; On Foot


Hosted By Ron Hood

Hoods Woods won a 1ST place Telly award for this video  in the Best Instructional video category! This outstanding video  won us one of the two awards we won in the latest Telly Awards competition for 2003.

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Hot times a’ foot!

In this volume of the Woodsmaster we traveled to deserts ranging  from the California Mojave Desert to the Bruneau Desert of Idaho to the  beautiful desert mesas of Utah’s Moab. During the course of our travels we were  able to capture the essential skills of on-the-ground desert survival. During  the 1 hour and 40 minutes of this great video you will learn the essentials of  water location, desert travel, desert shelter, Physiological effects, clothing  and protection.

You will see first hand the process of constructing a "solar  still" and a "transpiration still" and be able to decide for yourself if these  techniques are worth the effort. You will also learn about some of those "movie  skills" seen on popular programs… Is it cool to take off your shirt in the  desert? Find out…

Here are a few scenes from the 1 hour and 40 minutes of  hot instruction… It was really hot!


Learn why Desert travel can be deceptive.


Learn about the physical hazards of the heat.


When we say it was hot out there… it’s true.


How hot was the ground though?


Learn how to spot water sources like this.


Then learn why drinking it might not be a good idea. It can  still save your life though, learn how.


Learn about Cactus and water.


What is this guy doing?


Huuh? It relates to a game you once played…


 Don’t tell me this is about alien space ships.


Learn why cave shelters are a good shade but rock shelters may  not be.


Find out why a hole in the ground could save your  life.


See real life results of different types of shade.


 Find out how to make effective artificial shade.


See how to turn an old tin can into an improvised  whistle.


 learn how to skin a rattler and preserve it’s  skin.


Learn the "proper" way to make a solar still and then decide if  it’s worth while.


See the "Transpiration" still and why it can save your life…  or take it.


Follow us as we track water sources down a canyon.


Find out about water indicators including vegetation, insects  and animals


Popular demand brings back the knife tests. This is the Fehrman  Blades 9.5 incher


The Grandfather blade of our knife tests is the TOPS Steel Eagle  111. Watch this baby perform!


Check out the new blades

There is so much information in this video and it is so much fun  to watch you know why our viewers rave about it. Here are a couple of  examples…

"I have all of the Hoods Woods videos and they are all great but  they just keep getting better! This one is the best of all!"


"The best yet! keep them coming I need  more!"

There are MANY more topics and a ton of tips that  could save your life if YOU are on foot in the desert.

This is the most requested video in our  series

Desert Survival

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January 7, 2010Karen Hood