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For several years Ron Hood has been working at his skills as an artist as well gaining knowledge about home Bronze casting. This process has led Ron to create a new art series called “Transition”. Transition is the story, told in bronze, of our move from ancient stone based technology into the Bronze Age and the beginning of our modern technology.

The series is a celebration of our curiosity, innovation and mastery of metal working.

You can click here to see currently available pieces of Ron’s artistic interpretation of the ancient tools.

The art really began when we finished filming a new program about the Ancient Bronze tool makers in Romania. This beautiful and friendly country hosted out endeavors to learn the techniques for smelting and casting bronze tools and weapons as practiced by the ancients in this historical region. The Muzeul National de Istorie al Transilvaniei  bent over backwards to see to it that we got the most accurate information ever assembled on this fascinating topic. In the video you’ll see actual historical items over 4,000 years old being analyzed, copied and recast by two of Romania’s most talented sculptors and artisans, Ion Ristea and Cristina Pop. You’ll be astonished to learn what we did about ancient bronze tools when we tested our copies of these beautiful objects.

Here are the videos in the Bronze Master Series where you can learn a new skill for fun or even profit!.

Start learning a new Skill!

BRONZE 1 – Woodsmaster Volume 18

BRONZE 2 – Woodsmaster Volume 19

BRONZE 3! – Woodsmaster Volume 20

January 7, 2010Karen Hood