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WM17 – Buffalo Butchers: The Final Chapter

Hosted By Ron Hood

The final video in the Buffalo Butchers saga is finished! In this video we look at more lithic arts, percussion, pecking and pressure flaking as well as tools and safety for the tool making process.

We show you how to make charcloth.

Since we had the skin from the Buffalo processing we wanted to show the basics of hide tanning. Using some Buffalo skin, deer hide and an old badger hide we show a couple of tanning projects in a couple of ways. First we tan the hide of an animal harvested and salted over 20 years ago. Then we take a deer hide from its raw state through hide scraping, de-hairing, braining, grain breaking and finally to its finished smoked and pliable destiny. We also discuss tendons and how to prepare them for use and how to make a primitive pouch using leather “extras” . We take a quick look at blade “profiles” and a close look at the work of one of our Hoodlum forum members, Scott Gossman from Razorback knives. We have a bunch of fun too!                                         
The video is over 1 hour and 40 minutes. It’s jam packed with information and much of it is presented by Hoodlum forum Posse member, wilderness expert and good friends, Joe and Denyce Bigley from Salmon Outdoor School at the Sacajawea center in Salmon, Idaho. 1 hr. 40 min. 17 chapters DVD

This title is the companion to our

Cave Cooking Vol. 5 – Buffalo Butchers: Primitive Cooking

 with Karen Hood  and follows

Volume 16 of the Buffalo Butchers series

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Buffalo Butchers: Meat and material from Large Game

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January 7, 2010Karen Hood