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WM1 – Spark Based Fire Starting

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Hosted by Ron Hood


In the first volume of the Woodsmaster© Video Series, you will  discover the secrets of Spark Based Firemaking! You will learn how  to create that first spark using tools like the Firebow, Flint and Steel, the  Metal Match, and even a flashlight!

The firebow section alone includes over 30 minutes of detail covering the  collection of materials, preparation, construction and use of the firebow! You  will learn carving secrets, tool selection, basic cordage theory and safety. And  tucked away here and there are some of the special Woodsmaster wilderness tricks  that really pay off. There has never been a clearer, more effective, instruction  on the use of the firebow. If you ever wanted to learn fire by friction, this  is the video you need!


All together, there's 1 hour and ten minutes of blaze-making  instruction!

These images are taken from actual video  footage


Learn the secrets of the Firebow!

Ron works the Firebow 


Learn how to gather the materials, prepare the parts, and  construct a working firebow!

Firebow string making Fire tinder from tree bark


Learn the basic concept of cordage making.
(A future video will teach you all the tricks for cordage construction  with a variety of natural materials!)

Cordage construction togglesCordage construction - rope!


Learn other techniques for getting that first spark, including  the use of a flashlight as a firemaker!

Reflector flashlight fire MiniMag flashlight fire


See how to use Flint and Steel, The Metal Match and the  Magnesium Fire Starter!

Sparks from a flint File and rock sparks The amazing Metal Match!


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January 7, 2010Karen Hood