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Telly Awards


Not only has Hoods Woods won 13 Telly awards we have been honored by inclusion in the 2007 Banff Film Festival! We have also been invited to compete in the Grand Prix Graz 2008 in Germany as well as Britain’s Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2008

Hoods Woods was just notified that they have won Another Telly Award in the 25th Anniversary Classic Telly Award competition!. This competition was by invitation only for the production companies that are rated best in their field. This makes Hoods Woods the most honored wilderness video production company in history! Our Re-edit of Volume 5 – Traps and Trapping was the entry that captured the prize.

About the Telly awards

Ron and Karen Hood of Hoods Woods Wilderness Video Productions, the producers of the Woodsmaster and Cave Cooking Video Series, have been honored with 13 Telly Awards – the industrial video and film industry most prestigious award. The Hoods talents as producers combined with their wilderness skills and teaching abilities have been the guiding force behind these Seven award-winning Videos.

The Award Winners

The Hoods are thrilled to be matched against competitors like Dick Clark Productions, Touchstone pictures, Dream works, Miramax, Warner Bros, Discovery channel, the Learning Channel and HBO and many others.

The "Telly Awards" competition was founded in 1980, to showcase and give recognition to outstanding non-network and cable TV commercials. The competition was expanded several years ago to include film and video productions as well as non-network TV programming.

How are the Telly Awards judged?
The judges rate each entry on a 10-point scale. Entries do not compete
against each other. Rather, they compete against a high standard of excellence. The judges consist of a group of over twenty highly qualified production professionals. They represent a cross-section of producers: from agencies, TV stations, production houses and corporate video departments. All judges have previously earned the prestigious Silver Telly.

How many entries are received?
The number of Telly entries has shown a steady growth from year to year. This year nearly 18,000 videos were entered. In the 24 years since its beginning, the Telly Awards competition has become a well-known, highly respected national competition. When you consider that all of the entrants submit only their very best work, earning Telly recognition is a significant creative achievement.

January 7, 2010Karen Hood