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Though the information on this page is pretty much  un-researched material, it is here because we think you will find answers to common questions…  ones we encounter frequently on the Hoodlums forum. For simplicity we are simply going to add  Questions and Answers as we encounter them so the list will continue to develop  over time.


Last updated -01/07/2004

Nuclear War Survival Skills- Free on  line book!

Johnny Gizzard

I have found that this link will give you all you need to know  about making sure water is safe to drink from a disease standpoint. I have  found it very useful from time to time.

If you haven’t checked this out look at the link from the federal government  about basic equipment and needs.
These will get you started as to being prepared for an emergency.


Here is just one source you can purchase Potassium Iodide pills  (radiation pills). There are many sources for this chemical out there. Just  do a search on "Potassium Iodide" and you’ll see. Just make sure you get the  up to date stuff if you buy it and from a reputable dealer. Some prices  differ from place to place. But remember, you get what you pay for most of  the time. This site showing a link to also has some good info on nuclear  accidents or attacks and a good map at the bottom of the opening page of  where nuclear reactors are at and earthquake prone areas around these  reactors too.

You can get notifications of alert status and  /or/ problems in the country by signing up for it. You can get emergency  information sent to you via E-mail – Cell Phone – & Pager. It’s free (for  the e-mail part I know) & no junk mailings from them so far.

Also info on Radiological Emergencies and the  National Pharmaceutical Stockpile.




This is a 900 page 3 MB file (zipped to 960 KB for download) composed of  manuals and information from various sources. It is in rich text format  (RTF) so it can be opened in any word processor, including WordPad.



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