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CC5 – BB Primitive Cooking

Hosted By Karen Hood

Karen Hood takes you to Salmon, Idaho to meet with professional Abo cooker Denyce Bigley of Salmon Outdoor School.

  • Follow Denyce through the steps the American Indians would have taken to prepare and use an entire buffalo for food.
  • Learn all the steps to make a Native American meat perservation rack and how to smoke meat using it.
  • Learn how to use the Buffalo’s stomache as a cooking vessel the ancient way.
  • Learn how to cook Buffalo Stew using hot rocks, how to cook fish using bark and clay, how to utilize the intestines for traditional Buffalo Sausage.
  • Learn about some wild edibles the Native Americans would have used in cooking. See how to use those wild edibles to make a delicious and nutritious hot tea. All this and much more in this stunner of a video! This title is a companion to our Woodsmaster Vol 16 and Vol 17- Buffalo Butchers Videos with Ron Hood.

Approx. 1 hr 25 min. +

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January 7, 2010Karen Hood