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Hoods Woods "Private Label" DVD’s

ALL of our videos are now available ONLY on DVD!!

The conversion  of video to DVD’s was a long, expensive and arduous process It is now complete!

Our process  allowed us to create DVD’s with awesome quality as well as a dozen or more  "Chapter points" that will allow you to access specific lessons immediately. In a continuing effort to improve our products, we have  re-edited our earlier videos and generated DVD’s as we went.

Why are we  re-editing earlier videos? When we started Hoods Woods the digital editing  systems then available were primitive by comparison to today’s equipment and  techniques. Hoods Woods maintains  a state-of-the-art Non-linear Editing (NLE) system with well over a terabyte of  video storage. By  re-editing we can add significantly to the enjoyment, educational value and  clarity of our videos.

Discontinuing VHS as of July 1, 2006

After much deliberation and a close look at our sales stats we have decided to discontinue the sales of Hoods Woods VHS videos as of July 1 2006 or until we ran out of stock. 

If you have a set of Hoods Woods videos and would like to upgrade your series to DVD – AND – if you ordered directly from us, we can offer you an upgrade price of $12.00 per volume (+ S&H) that you already purchased in VHS. ***You must exist in our database for this upgrade price and you must already have purchased the volume for which you are requesting an upgrade.

If you are worried about the cost of this upgrade, remember that you can still sell your VHS copies on EBAY and the change out should cost you very little. If you do not have a DVD player a check of the papers will reveal that compatible DVD players can be had for just over $20.00.

If you order online you must ask for "Upgrade pricing" in the text box when you check out or if you call your order in you must have the operator add "Upgrade pricing" to your order. If you call in your order at (888) 257-BUGS, you need to request the operator type the words “upgrade pricing” on your order ticket.

As an aside, once the sales of VHS dropped below 10% of our sales we saw the writing on the wall…. DVD’s offer superior video, higher quality sound, easy access to specific material and portability.

Thanks folks!

Ron and Karen Hood


Each DVD only $19.95

Order online and save!!

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January 7, 2010Karen Hood