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WM16 – Buffalo Butchers; Meat and Material from Large Game

Hosted By Ron Hood

 In this video, Ron Hood takes you to Salmon, Idaho to visit professional wilderness instructors Joe and Denyce Bigley (Aboman and Abowoman) of Salmon Outdoor School. With the help of Lakota-Sioux and local butcher, Dallas Dupree, they harvest a Buffalo and show you the steps Native American’s have taken to harvest, process and use almost every part of the animal.

Learn how to skin the animal starting at the back, how to butcher it using both stone and steel tools, how to preserve the brain for brain-tanning at a later date, how to remove and prepare tendons for sinew, how to prepare the stomachs for use as a cooking vessel. Additionally learn how to make an expedient stone tool for skinning and butchering… and much, much more. This video shows graphic scenes. (You have probably seen more graphic scenes on many nature programs on TV.)1 hr. 25 min. 28 chapters DVD

This title is the companion to our Cave Cooking Vol. 5 – Buffalo Butchers: Primitive Cooking  with Karen Hood  and is completed with Volume 17 of the Buffalo Butchers series.

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January 7, 2010Karen Hood