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Adventure Team


The Hoodlums Adventure Team.

Karen and I were talkingĀ  about how widespread The Hoodlums are. We get emails and letters from around the world – from Hoodlums on the go or who live outside the US. So It occurred to us to have a "Hoodlum Adventure Banner" made up.

The idea is this. If you are living outside the US, going outside the US, on an adventure in the US or a visiting Space Alien from Ray’s collection of Big Grays… We’d like to get a picture of you holding the banner in some exotic locale. We’ll put the photos here on our website and put you and your expedition/adventure on a page with other Hoodlums. Make it a fun photo and give us the details.

To be a recognized part of this team you need to meet two qualification criteria.

  • 1) You need to be a customer of Hoods Woods, not just on the mailing list
  • 2) You need to be a member of the Hoodlums forum… (Hey, it’s free and fun!) with a few posts to your name just to show us that you really are a Hoodlum.
  • Download PDF Banner here.

Want to meet the Hoodlums in person? Check out H2K Camps.

January 7, 2010Karen Hood