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Privacy Statement

Hoods Woods respects the privacy of our customers. All information provided to Hoods Woods by our customers is used strictly for internal purposes by Hoods Woods.Should you choose to sign up for our mailing list, Hoods Woods will NOT supply your contact information to any partner or sponsor unless the option to do so is enabled and approved by you.

If you place an order through the Hoods Woods on-line ordering system, your transaction is fully encrypted and the information sent to us will enjoy the same protections as members of our mailing list. Your personal information is stored on a stand alone computer system that is fully encrypted and secured and has NO access to the Internet. (If someone wants to TRY to hack it they have to get through us first.)

We do not sell, rent, or disclose personal information to any third parties under any other circumstances.

If you have any questions or concerns about the privacy of your information at Hoods Woods, please send contact us for more information.

January 7, 2010Karen Hood