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CC4 – Messin’ with Meat

Hosted By Karen Hood

Join Karen Hood in another volume of Cave Cooking as she shows  you how to mess with your meat!! She’ll show you the basics of smoking, curing,  sausage-making, meat preservation and much more! Learn to make home-made Italian  sausage, how to make oven jerky from flank steak and how to make jerky from  ground meat that doesn’t need refrigeration after you prepare it! Follow Karen  as she shows the complete process of making home made Corned Beef and Pastrami!

Ever heard of “Plank Cooking” – Karen shows and explains this whole process in  easy to follow steps. Learn all about wood chips and how to use your propane BBQ  as a smoker.
Ever made your own Smoked Salmon? Well after watching this video you’ll be able  to make it any time you want and same money doing it!! It’s so easy! Learn all  these things and more in this jam-packed video! After watching this video you’ll  be itching to get into that meat drawer to try out these recipes for yourself  and your family! Get your bib ready as you’ll be drooling and wishing you had  smell-a-vision while watching this video!

Rated: 2 Yums up! (65 min)

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January 7, 2010Karen Hood