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WM11 – SOLO: The Quest for Survival

Hosted By Ron Hood

Hoods Woods won a 2nd place Telly award for this video in the Best Instructional video category! This outstanding video won us one of the two awards we won in the latest Telly Awards competition for 2002.

More about the Telly awards can be found here

Follow Ron hood as he travels deep into the mountains of Idaho for a two-week test of his survival skills. During his adventure he is poisoned by bad food, attacked by a moose and finds that a forest fire has destroyed most of the small game and fish. To top it off the summer weather quickly became a two week winter storm. With less than a pound of food for the two weeks and only a blanket and a tarp for shelter in the subfreezing temperatures you will learn how even a planned survival test can quickly become the “Real thing”

You will learn about energy conservation, clothing insulation values, wilderness travel and priorities. You will see how to make a bone fish hook, Prepare “cowboy coffee”, hunt with a club, relieve tension and much much more.

This trip was the “real thing” and it’s a good thing that Hood follows his own advice to “Never Solo alone”. He gives instructions on how to prepare for such an experience and a great review of the 18 pound pack that served his needs during the 14 days of survival living.

Not only is this video filled with important survival skills it is a humorous and entertaining production. We think you will enjoy this video as you learn new skills and advanced techniques.

Incidentally… here is the gear list for the solo video.

1 hour 58 min!!

Actual scenes from the video!

You’ll watch Ron Hood search high and low for food in a devastated forest. Few edible plants, almost no small game and certainly no fish.

He accidentally eats a bad Morel mushroom and the crew pulls him from his solo for 24 hours. A good example of why you should "Never solo alone".

Finally some success. Watch as this fine tree rat becomes chow!

It’s not as if they didn’t have enough trouble. A bull moose attacks Ron’s camp.

Learn why cotton can kill you in a survival situation.

There really are "Big feet" in the mountains. Ron encounters one here.

Learn tricks for carrying your survival gear while saving weight.

Here Ron shows you how to "Ladder lace" parachute cord for use as a belt.

Why is this 220 pound Mastiff jumping on Ron’s hand? Why was he even there?

Learn how to communicate with a pooch that misbehaves by trying to save your life…

Learn why "Journaling" is an important part of survival practice.

Watch as Brian kills "Wilson". There is a reason ya know…

Radio Ray shows his crankshaft cooker.

And then teaches us the tomahawk moose dance!

Learn to make a bone fish hook like this.

This is an Idaho Summer! Great time to head into the mountains for two weeks with only an 18 pound pack.

Ron will show you some ways to carry your gear for "soloing". Here he shows a shoulder pack.

This is his actual pack for the two week trip. You will learn the essential gear that was carried.

The sleeping and shelter module is a "Bed roll" consisting of a blanket and a tarp.

There are many ways to roll it and this is one.

As usual the team carried and tested a variety of blades. Learn all about them.

Oops! Ron always labels his butt rag so he won’t mix up the sides. (No TP allowed!)

Karen will tell you why she carries this Ruger .357… You won’t blame her.

There is almost TWO HOURS of material in this astonishing video. When you get it just sit back with liquid refreshments and some popcorn… We think you’ll come away knowing things ya never knew and loving the learning process!

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January 7, 2010Karen Hood