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We do a lot of reading. Reading is important for information, personal growth, and as a way to look at things "Outside the Box". The books we’ve listed below are some of the best AND we know the authors personally. If you order from this page you will be helping us to spread the word about survival skills of all kinds. We do this in association with Amazon.com.



Joe Bigley is a good friend of ours and a moderator and frequent contributor to our free online forum. This book is one of those that makes you say "Why didn’t someone tell me that before?" Get this book!

Aboman’s Guide to Survival & Self-Reliance
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The late David Alloway was one of the world’s leading authorities on Desert Survival. His skills were legendary and his school in Texas was one of the best in the world. If you want to learn the TRUTH about desert survival… get this book! David was also a frequent contributor to our online forum and was there to help you with questions about almost any sort of skill with his characteristic wit and wisdom. This book is a testament to David’s skill with words.

When you buy this book you are helping to buy an education for David’s children.

Desert Survival Skills
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David Wescott is another of those amazing guys with too many skills and too little time. As the force behind the "Journal of Primitive Technology" and the leader of the two main get together for primitive skills folk (Rabbit Stick and Winter Count) David makes his mark with this compendium of ancient skills.

Primitive Technology II: Ancestral…
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Tom Elpel has created an unusual and interesting twist on survival skills education. In this book Tom handles the instruction as a type of journal that runs through the skills with photos, drawings and narration that both enlightens and educates at the same time. Tom has long been one of the leaders in Primitive Technology and learning.

Participating in Nature:
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The next three books are all written by Mick Chesbro. Mick is one of those truly amazing guys. Not only is he highly skilled in wilderness techniques he is also a master of Intelligence techniques and a Forensic examiner! All of Mick’s books are easy to read, full of information and necessary in today’s world. I highly recommend that you buy all of his works

Privacy Handbook
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Freeware Encryption and Security…
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The Complete Guide to E-Security:…
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Bruce Clayton has been a personal friend for over 30 years. This is the same guy who wrote the best selling "Life after Doomsday" and a bunch of other fine books. His latest book covers a topic you REALLY need to learn about. Check it out! I remember the time I taught him about cave clams….

Life After Terrorism : What You Need to Know
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If you checked out my BIO, you know that I was a member of the Army Security Agency while I was in the service. This highly classified agency and it’s missions have been concealed from the public for years. Finally some of the stories, unclassified of course, are making it out. More books are in the offing but this collection of stories from members of the Agency helps to set a framework and gives the reader a sense of the sort of minds were at work in the ASA in Vietnam and a few other locations around the world.

Tans: The Tans Collection
Stories from the Agency

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January 7, 2010Karen Hood