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One reason we are able to offer you such high quality instruction at such a low price is the support of our sponsors. Here is that story…

Hoods Woods is constantly testing and using various items of survival and outdoor related gear. The companies listed on this page have been generous enough to provide equipment to meet our on and off camera video production needs. In each case we invited these companies to join our sponsorship family because we had already had extensive positive experience with their products. All of the products listed here were severely challenged in the wilderness – and survived.

Hoods Woods is very selective when it comes to choosing its sponsors. Our reputations as educators and film producers are on the line. Before being invited to join us, the products produced by the company must meet our selection criteria. In order to assure the adequacy of the product, we purchase samples from outlets and then put them through our own testing and usability program. This assures us that when we recommend a piece of equipment in our videos, we know that the consumer will receive the same quality as what we tested.

Naturally we know that there may be manufacturers who produce superior products every bit as usable as the products we recommend. It is never our intention to slight the value or quality of those products, they simply do not receive our endorsement. If a company is invited to join us as a sponsor they have already passed our selection tests and we feel safe in recommending them.

This partial list may show companies who produce equipment that is functionally similar to other recommended companies. Why? Choice is important to you. We can only assure you that if a company is on this list, the gear it makes WORKS, works well, and is tough enough to survive our testing.

Ron Hood

Hoods Woods Sponsors




Contact information:

TOPS Knives


TOPS is one of the best knife makers in the US. Run by Mike and Helen Fuller the TOPS line of knives has been chosen time and again for the toughest assignments. It is not incidental that Hoods Woods chose TOPS to manufacture it’s Anaconda and ATAX tools.

(208) 542 0113


Scott e-Vest


Scott e-Vests are one of the most innovative and useful clothing/gear carrying products we have used. We use these vests to carry our electronics and other gear when in the field and then use them as nice looking jackets for use around town. Great for the urban warrior and used by the Secret Service, FBI and others.

Toll Free (US only):


Simonich Knives


Rob Simonich was a custom knife maker of the highest caliber. We chose Rob to make several custom blades for us and everything Rob made has been undeniably beautiful as well as functional. Rob’s wife Christine has taken over the reins, give her a call

(406) 933-9151


Magellan GPS

GPS units

Since GPS became available, we have used a number of different makes. For our money, Magellan has the best GPS on the market. We relied on their ColorTrac unit to get us back home from our Peruvian Amazon expeditions! Now days we use the model 330 for all our navigation in the back country.

(800) 311-8491
ext 9977


AlMar Knives

All models

The most usable folders we’ve tested. The construction quality is beyond belief. We use the SERE 2000 or the Eagle in many of our videos.

(503) 670-9080


Lowe Alpine

Attack 60 Packs

Excellent Internal frame packs. These packs love tough use.



Night Vision gear

The best NV gear on the market. High end 2nd & 3rd gen. scopes. We use them on our cameras and for general night time viewing.

(800) 448-8678



Hydration systems

Extremely functional water carrier systems. Unbeatable quality and selection. Chosen for our jungle trips! We use these hydration systems on every trip.

(800) 767-8725


ColdSteel Knives

Field knives (all)

Functional factory field steel. Good quality and value. "Carbon 5" blades are good!


Gerber Legendary Blades

Field knives and tools

Excellent factory cutlery and outstanding multi tools. Their multitool is one of the best on the market. The snap open design is unbeatable as is the durability.. you should see mine!


Supreme Products

The Pocket Chainsaw

The best pocket saw we’ve ever used.

(248) 588-1150

January 7, 2010Karen Hood