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Magazine Reviews

So does anyone ever review these videos?

Wadda they say?

Well check this out.

In the last few years Hoods Woods has been featured in the following magazines and TV programs. We probably missed a bunch but. Hey! You get the idea.

  • Sports Afield
  • Details Magazine
  • Maxim Magazine
  • Men’s Journal
  • SWAT Magazine
  • FHM "For Him Magazine" (European Men’s Magazine)
  • Backpacker Magazine
  • PBS/Backpacker Magazine show : "Anyplace Wild" in July 1997 Wilderness Survival Special
  • American Survival Guide
  • Tactical Knives
  • Backwoodsman Magazine
  • Soldier of Fortune
  • The Idaho World Newspaper
  • Nickelodeon "Lucky Duck Productions" Interviewed Ron for the "Nick News" November 1998
  • Radio shows including "On the Edge" with our friend Kelly Warden
  • Ron was a feature speaker at the 1999 Soldier Of Fortune show in Las Vegas Nevada
  • Field editor and Technical advisor for Wilderness Way Magazine
  • Ron graced the cover for Wilderness Way magazine in Volume 4, issue 1

What do the magazines say about the us and the videos?

Backwoodsman Magazine 1999
"Ron and Karen Hood’s status is legendary. Their …video Vol. 7 Jungle Living skills ….is a MUST HAVE"

American Survival Guide November 1999
“Even if you never intend to visit the Amazon or explore the jungles of South America, you will enjoy watching this fascinating video on what it’s like to live with the Candoshi-Shapra Indians of the Peruvian Amazon. Ron and Karen Hood spent nearly two months living and learning from the Indians, and documenting the whole trip on video. Excellent Video!”

Idaho World Sept 29, 1999
"Hoods Woods Woodsmaster video series have become the largest selling wilderness skills instructional series in the world!! With over 10,000 customers worldwide, the owners Ron and Karen Hood, are delighted by their runaway success of their project. The series is aimed at scouts, families, schools and agencies. It teaches the fundamentals of wilderness survival and wilderness living skills."

American Survival Guide January 1999
"If you have had the privilege of seeing one of Ron Hood’s videos on outdoor/wilderness skills, you have probably learned a whole new set of tricks for living in the great outdoors."

Men’s Journal August 1999 (The MJ survival guide issue)
Listed Hoods Woods as one of the best schools for learning how to survive when things go wrong. "Ron Hood, Perhaps the nation’s best known survival instructor, due to his extremely popular Woodsmaster video series, runs a school deep in the Idaho backcountry." "Follow Ron’s 2-4-8 rule to build a firebed that will keep you alive!

Details Magazine April 1999
The Anaconda knife designed by Ron Hood and made by Mike Fuller of TOPS was featured (full page spread) as the "Baddest Knife in the World" This knife’s 9 ½ inch blade is made from the same "steel cutting" metal used in Japanese fighting swords. And if the knife ever gets wet (or bloody), its extra-tacky Micarta handle assures a firm grip!"

FHM "For Him Magazine" May 1999 (British Magazine distributed throughout Europe)
FHM chose Ron Hood as the world’s top survival expert to interview about the approaching year 2000 and other survival related topics." "Survival Skills expert Ron Hood once owned a nuclear bunker. Now, with the year 2000 approaching, he prefers to live in the woods….."

American Survival Guide January 1999
"This time Ron’s wife Karen takes center stage and delivers an. impressive performance in their latest Hoods Woods production entitled Cave Cooking. Karen demonstrates an equal talent for showing and teaching modern and primitive skills, and anyone worth their buckskin will want to learn what she teaches in this high quality video. This video is a professional production and a great addition to the video library of the serious survivalist."

Tactical Knives May 1999
"This video "Cave Cooking" is a continuation of the excellent Woodsmaster series. Karen is shown…cleaning trout, skinning squirrel, and butchering one of the marmots snared in an earlier video, as well as finding edible bugs. I enjoy the woodsmaster video series , as they are both very entertaining and informative. Anyone who has the first ….videos will find Cave Cooking a must addition to their library."

Maxim Magazine For Men July/August 1998
Maxim Chose Ron Hood to answer survival questions related to Starvation in the woods. Ron talks about eating Mice, grasshoppers, rabbits and squirrels. Yum!!

"You never know when you’ll need forage in the forest. Self-sufficiency instructor and maniac Ron Hood shares the menu"

Nick News (Nickelodeon) November 1998
Nick News and Lucky Duck Productions interviewed Ron Hood at his home in Idaho about the possibility of disaster in the year 2000. Ron was featured in this news clip for months after the original airing in December 1998.

Backwoodsman Magazine Jan/Feb 1997
"All of Ron Hood’s videos are beyond excellent. They are a method to make a survival situation more than just a bad experience. If Jim Bridger were alive today, he’d probably agree that Ron Hood has seen the hair of the bear!"

 American Survival Guide June 1997
"Hood has a great sense of humor and is a great teacher. Hood has gleaned these techniques from his training in the U.S. Army Special Warfare teams and over 25 years of teaching wilderness survival at 2 major California Universities."

 American Survival Guide August 1997
"Hood divides his kits into two main components: the mini kit and the maxi kit. Both could SAVE YOUR LIFE! As with all of the Hoods videos, you not only learn about the main subject, you get all kinds of other tid-bits and gems of wisdom concerning outdoor skills"

American Survival Guide September 1997
Ron Hood continues his series of quality outdoor instructional videos with this fourth tape on primitive land navigation. He shows Ottomani Sun Compass…efficient methods for covering ground… how to make a "head hole,"… how to make an arrowhead, render pine pitch into a non-sticky glue and how to avoid dehydration. This tape lives up to the quality established with the first three tapes Ron and his wife, Karen have produced, and makes a great addition to the library of wilderness skills videos.

Soldier Of Fortune Magazine November 1997
"You can glean a lot of information and master many techniques from myriad books on the topic, … but the BEST option would be a video series, inexpensive, of course, by an instructor (Ron Hood) who has several decades of survival experience behind him and who is used to teaching hands-on wilderness survival at the university level. Good information makes a good survival instructor and that’s precisely what Ron offers in a 4 part video series entitled the Woodsmaster. Inexpensive…practical instruction."

American Survival Guide December 1997
"Ron Hood not only shows you how to build traps and snares in this fifth volume of the Hoods Woods survival video series, he proves that they WORK with some very interesting video footage. …

"And of course, as in all of the Hoods Woods videos, you get some additional tips and tricks included with the price of purchase."

Backwoodsman Magazine Nov/Dec 1996 issue
Ron Hood absolutely has filled this video (Volume 2 Shelters) with some of the very best survival shelter information that I’ve seen anywhere!! From my conversation with Ron on the telephone, he seems to be one of the nicest guys in the field of survival tactics. This comes across in his excellent survival shelters video. I recommend this one highly.

…"This is a first rate production done in the wilderness and shot on high quality digital video"

Backpacker Magazine’s PBS Series
"Anyplace Wild" featured Ron Hood as Master Survivalist chosen to take out executive editor John Viehman into the backcountry.

"Master Survivalist Ron Hood shows you and co-hosts John Viehman and Annie Getchell how to stay warm, dry and well-fed"

John Viehman – Executive Editor Backpacker Magazine July 1997
"Ron hood is a rare talent because of his encyclopedic knowledge and his special ability to present wilderness skills in an easily understandable and highly interesting manner."

January 7, 2010Karen Hood