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Outdoor Schools

As most folks know by now, Hoods Woods is no longer in the business of running wilderness programs. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t interested in wilderness instruction and field work….. far from it. The wilderness experience component is the final ingredient that makes a trained wilderness person into a skilled one.

We know a lot of folks who run "Outdoor schools". Some are very good, some are amateurs. The schools we recommend are on our list of approved schools for very good reasons. We can acknowledge their expertise, experience and ethics. It is also important to note that the folks who run these schools do so on a full time basis. This list is not intended to be an exhaustive list of recommendations but merely a guide to a few schools.

This list will take some time to develop as we are waiting for the materials from a few of the schools and instructors. We will put them on this list as we receive their materials. Please keep in mind that though we recommend these schools, the final selection is up to you. Your arrangements are between you and the school and Hoods Woods will assume no responsibility for your decision.

Marty Simons Wilderness Learning Center

In New York

Marty is one of those rare people who has a command of all aspects of wilderness lore. His school comes with our highest recommendations and without reservation. Marty is also a good friend and a Veteran who shares his love of the wilds with all of his students. Check him out.

SOS – Salmon Outdoor School

In Idaho

This school is one of my favorites. Aboman (Joe Bigley) and his wife Denise are the driving forces behind this exceptional outdoor education center. With years of experience… Aw, to heck with it… just click on the title an learn a bunch more!

School of Self-reliance

In California

Christopher Nyerges is an old friend and highly competent instructor. I’ve known Christopher for over 20 years and training is his trade. We first met on a TV show over 25 years ago. We’ve been friends ever since. That says a lot about the man, his wife and their school. Many of my friends have gone to The School of Self-Reliance just to get some of Christopher and Delores wisdom.

Check him out here

You can reach Christopher at www.self-reliance.net

January 7, 2010Karen Hood