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Customer Comments

We receive thousands of letters and emails from our customers about our instructional videos and customer service. Here are a few of the most recent ones. If we put them ALL up here you’d be busy for a week!

It seems pretty clear that folks LOVE our videos as much as we LOVE making them!

My boyhood as a student of outdoor arts led me into the Marine Corps and naturally, having learned about survival in the wilderness, I then became a music industry executive.

In my extensive training over the years with various outdoor instructors, I’ve amassed an extensive survival library and archives (including videos) and have seen many additional videos. In my experience with all this information, the Hoods’ Woods video series is head-and-shoulders above all that I’ve learned before.

The Hoods’ mix of primitive skills and modern technology is a perfect blend. Their presentation has clarity, simplicity, nuance, directness, practicality and it’s delivered in a conversational, personable manner that made me feel that I know not just the information but also Ron and Karen. They know their stuff and can communicate it. They really cover the territory in detail and keep their audience’s attention all the way. The Hoods’ Woods forum extends this knowledge into an ongoing relationship.

I’ve met a lot of experts who think they’ve learned it all before, and they’ve all been surprised at how much more polished their skills have become through the Hoods’ Woods Wilderness Video Instruction series.

Dude McLean

I first contacted Hoods Woods about their programs in 1995 after going on a short backpacking trip with a friend. It had occured to me that with some survival training backpacking trips could be a lot more fun. I was fortunate enough to be able to go on a trip with Ron and Karen in 1996, at the same time their first video came out. Since then I have been on several trips with the Hoods and collected all the videos. The self-confidence I have gained from Hoods Woods videos and trips has encouraged me to do things like attend a Wilderness First Responder certification course and pursue an interest in making do with less. The more I have learned from the Hoods, the less dependent on modern technology I have become. Now, an unplanned night in the wilderness sounds like something to be enjoyed rather than feared. A bonus to all of this is that I think of Ron and Karen as friends, rather than just a company I do business with.

Wally Merrin

Aboman say–
Got Primitive Knifemaking video from Doc Ron. Plenty good!
Aboman say to all–Buy Video!

Here in Southern California where I live, hundreds of folks escape the urban sprawl every weekend to enjoy our network of local mountain trails. The majority of these are simply out with friends or family for an afternoon picnic, perhaps a casual stroll in the forest, and "wilderness survival" is likely the furthest thing from their minds. Nevertheless, it happens that each year some of these folks do manage to get themselves lost (it’s easier than you think!) and wind up spending several frightening and uncomfortable nights in the woods before they are rescued. Far worse, some of these will succumb to dehydration or "exposure" and never make it back home.
The Hoods Woods wilderness training videos are not just for the "hard-core" outdoor enthusiast. It’s true that even highly experienced backpackers, trail-runners, mountain bikers and the like will learn new skills and gain an even greater sense of confidence while in the wilderness through studying these tapes. But the "casual" hiker will gain infinitely more. Dr. Ron Hood will teach you how to stay alive and safe (and even reasonably comfortable) if you ever do find yourself lost in the woods. More importantly, he will teach you how to avoid getting lost in the first place.
Everyone should watch these informative and entertaining videos, and not go into the woods without the knowledge and skills they can help you gain. These videos can help people enjoy the wilderness safely, and can even save lives. Buy them and watch them with someone you love.

Rev. Fr. Michael Reagan

During my 20 years in the service, I have found that teaching young troops can be a very difficult job at best. As a former U.S. Army certified Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape instructor it has been a challenge to teach troops things they think they will never use. Ron and Karen Hoods video’s have helped solve that problem. After showing ALL of their video series to my troops over a course of time, all of them now carry the means to keep themselves and their fellow soldiers not only alive but comfortable in the field.
I have nothing but respect for the Hoods and their commitment to provide the best instructional series of video tapes that I have ever had the pleasure to see. I know for a fact that without their videos and the subject matter in them, myself and others would not be so confident to go out there and enjoy the challenge that this world holds.

SSG Bob Mills,

Dear Ron and Karen,

I have studied survival for as long as I can remember. It has always been of great interest to me. I have bought every book on survival that I have ever found, but until I started buying your videos, I have never come across so much useable information in one place. I own all of your videos that are out to date, and am anxiously waiting for the next to come out. I cherish all of them, and highly recommend them to anyone who has any interest in the outdoors.


Patrick Smith

I have hiked and climbed, both by myself and with my wife, in many places and environments in North and South America. I have been certified as a Wilderness First Responder and Outdoor Emergency Care Technician, with additional certification in Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support. I have also been certified in wilderness leadership both by the Wilderness Education Association and by SOLO’s Outdoor Wilderness Leadership School. I have thus read a lot of books, been taught by many people, and watched a lot of videotapes. Three things are distinctive and important about the Woodsmaster and Cave Cooking series — the real-world practicality of the techniques; the sheer number and range of the techniques; and, perhaps most important, the wit, humor, and personal warmth with which these techniques are taught. I have had the privilege of knowing both Ron and Karen, and their videotapes capture them as they really are — born teachers. Each tape presents a tremendous amount of useful information; each tape is frank about any difficulties or dangers of the techniques taught, and then shows how those difficulties or dangers can be handled. Ron and Karen want to share what they have learned, and the tapes are an incredible bargain at their price.

Walks Slowly

Ron and Karen,

I am a Software Engineer employed in the San Diego area. In the time previous to Y2K I had access to confidential company information that many of our systems would fail upon Y2K worldwide. This was also the case for many other companies (only by billions of dollars and a huge effort was a disaster at Y2K averted). This spelled depression if nothing would have been done. This gave me the incentive to learn survival skills.

I am also an ex-Marine Infantryman and an ex-Police Officer (Reserve). This gave me a background that could help with evaluating any books or tapes I would be buying. (ok, I was a Boy Scout too).

I found your webpage and decided to take a chance with your product. I have been more than pleased! Although I have many books from the likes of Larry Dean Olson and Tom Brown, I consider your product to be far superior in a couple of ways. 1. Your presentation is superior because it’s on tape and you can see it done live. A book cannot "show" you how something is done. 2. Your information is presented matter-of-factly with an emphasis on making survival easier where possible with modern methods. Many other instructors only emphasis primitive skills. While that is a good thing, it’s not the whole picture. I’m sure Ron’s military training helped instill this viewpoint!

One last comment. I have shared your tapes with my brother who is an ex-Army Ranger E-5. He watched a couple of your tapes and only had one comment: "This guy’s for real". This is the kind of guy who can light a fire in the driving rain while the other Rangers watch! That sealed it for me.

Thanks again for an excellent product!
Frank Moore

Ron and Karen,

I’m a health physicist employed in the aerospace industry. My work is in cities and factories, but in my spare time I enjoy hiking, camping, and wandering the hills. My father was quite the woodsman and trapper, but unfortunately he was not able to pass those skills along to me. I’m writing to thank you for your “Woodsmaster” and “Cave Cooking” videos. The videos are a great way to learn forgotten skills and to pass those skills along to the younger generation. My kids and their friends love them. We have spent many enjoyable hours together watching the videos and trying out the skills you demonstrate.

Howard Wallace

DR, Mr. Hood, Ron, and Brother Warrior

I have to say I hated, just hated to give my credit card number to the Girl that answered the phone. I just hate spending that much money. $204.00 for some Videos I thought?


I am so pleased with your videos, So Pleased I too have been to many many Military Schools Yes even a Marine can Learn….ha ha ha most instructors talked about what you can do but few showed us and the people teaching, had read the book, and now teach it. (except for some of the SF schools I have been around after working at Bragg) 22 yrs and as a Master Gunnery Sergeant now I have traveled to Asia and down south more than most have been to church both for personal trips and for Uncle Sam I have lived in many places. Always learning form who ever I am deployed with. The more backwards the culture the more I learned. and there is so much to learn and grow from. Weather its a Girl Scout or a Thai Jungle instructor we all have to be open to learning.

When I first saw you Ron, a few years ago, I was at the SOF Convention,

With all the strange people there I saw that there was a warrior who’s marketing some good info you and Karen both caught my eye (yes Karen too. ha ha) but I did not want to spend money for a Video. I thought then that it mite be good to see but I passed on it. how wrong I was.

I look to stay in touch and please know that even with my travels The way you have put the info on the video for the students/Viewers is so very practical. The Ideas and the thought process (as you know) is the most important part but add the practical parts too.

You open the door to being a warrior a real Warrior not a fool who has all the gadgets and so on.

I could write more but I will save it for when our paths cross again (and

when they do I hope to break bread with you) Weather its in the field or at a show in Vegas know you have a Warrior in your corner who enjoys both the Basic and more Complex parts of what you have presented.


Scott A.
Master Gunnery Sergeant, USMC

Regardless of your experience this series will provide you with more information and insight into outdoor/survival/primitive living than you can find anywhere in today’s market. These tapes are a must have item for your survival library. Buy them. You will not be disappointed…. Outback57

(In reply)

I concur! I’ve only seen the first 6 and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the rest of them now!…


ONE VERY BEAUTIFUL VIDEO my wife and i watched cc3 an we loved it. keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…


I just rcvd CC3 and it is awesome. I love the Frock pattern and will try it out soon. Thanks for all your hard work.


I bought Primitive Weapons and have watched it twice in the last 3 days. I will definitely be buying the others. Excellent footage, great info, and easy to understand instructions. Keep them coming…….


Just one thing. I really like the little rolling text info. It makes points real clear. Kinda like the old newspapers where they’d put a couple of sentences in bold before the main story.

Works great!…


If you have never sewn or worked with leather before this, then you will get a very good lesson here. And lots of tips. for me it was a no brainer.. hehehe…cuz we made and sold custom leather jackets and vests and shirts in the 60s as a 3rd way to make money in our spare time…between midnite and 6…..So I know that Karen knows what she is talking about! Ron is real cute as the "model"

Oh …well it starts with the plane giving you a view of the wilderness area the crew plunged into. and goes back and forth from the camp to the kitchen at home…this works out to the advantage of us the viewer cuz you get lots of info. All the preps and so on are spelled out in great detail…so if you goof up then you are a dummy …or more dimwitted than I am. All the food preps are things you can get ready before ya go on yer big adventure and will insure that yer gonna chow down some good vittles.

Karen shows how to pick a thistle and prepare it. Karen did her usual super job of explaining all she talked about …supplemented by "print". Including knives. The Becker Tac-Tool looks very interesting.

Thank you Karen …and Ron …you guys are right on track…

And that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. Buy it …you will not be sorry….

Dude :::

I just finished watching it, and it was definitely fun. I got a couple of ideas to try out on the next trip – gonna make some pemmican to take along. The buckskin jacket was outrageous – I want one…. although the model was a little crusty. I guess Radio Ray must be getting a little older… he showed a serious side we didn’t see on the Tractor trip.

How the hell does a video make you homesick for a place you’ve only been to once in your life?…


Karen … fantastic job!

Ron … great "behind" (the camera work … I mean ). "Butt" … you gotta work on the wiggle (just when I was warmin’ up … it was over!)

This was one of the best! Wow … it starts out as a documentary, nature film. Turns into a Musical (the dance number was nice ). Then, into an educational video. Throw in part horror film (French roast ).
Then a PETA fundraiser (People Eating Tasty Animals). I loved the expression on Karen with the falling ‘white stuff’. I loved the "take two" s … nice touches.

You guys are fun, and …….. (where the hell were you when I was in school? ) educational !

If you guys and gals haven’t ordered yours yet … stop wastin’ time! It’s not to be missed! …

Mike (two thumbs up)

I knew I left work early for a reason Just finished watching the newest installment. I love the hints and the script on the screen. I think I know where I can find an old sewing machine, and will finally give it a shot. Sewing has never been my strong suit. Thanks Karen for another job well done….


Just finished cc3, the only question i have is where were these videos 20 years ago? Good job Karen and cant wait for the next video to come out….


You guys do an excellent job , I throw one of the "Woodsmaster " tapes in the VCR and the wife and both boys wind up in front of the TV .

Thanks & and keep up the good work !!…



I spent the whole weekend reviewing all the six tapes I got and they are indeed very informative. They were indeed some labor of love and great job that you and Karen have done. Kudos !! I will eagerly await the next two volumes to be released….


Doc Hood and Karen,

I got the six videos currently available from your collection yesterday and watched them all. I just wanted to let you know that I think they are terrific! One very striking feature for me was your honesty. On Volume One, when you are using the firebow, I thought it was great to include the first couple of failures before you actually got a useable flame. It was much more realistic than having you crank out a roaring fire on the first try. Once I saw the first video, I knew that I could trust your techniques to work in the wild, with enough practice. I look forward to practicing all of the techniques that I’ve seen, and I also look forward to getting the rest of your videos as they come along. Whenever a video is available, I’d love to add it to my collection. Anyway, thanks again, and keep up the good work.

Greg E.

I have just finished watching your videos (1,2,3,5) that a friend, Gene xxxxxx, had lent me. I have to say that I was impressed with the amount of information and the presentation which made it very easy to understand. I will have to get the entire series before next spring. I have a second job in the summers as a fishing guide here in Alaska with my father and brother. I believe we all could benefit from your videos when ever we go off on a fly-in fishing trip, raft trip, or are just out walking around. I can also thank Gene for introducing me to gold panning this year so next summer I’ll be hard to find. Thanks for all the good info.

Kevin L. Soldotna Alaska.


Just received Volume 6, and as usual, it is excellent. Being a serious knife freak, I really like the focus on the knives in all your videos. I too am a big fan of Rob Simonich and own 2 of his knives (the Young Survival on his website). Hope to order Cave Cooking soon. Keep up the great work!….

Thayne Young

Hi Ron,

I talked to you in November or thereabouts in reference to the video series, your school, and certification.

First off, I ‘ve really got to hand it to you and Karen – You did a first

rate, kick-ass, mondo job on the video series! I really enjoyed them and did learn something from them (yeah, I admit it. I don’t know everything) Also I like the innovative aspect of the learning process, i.e., use your imagination and God given intellect to manifest your goal. Very cool, much better then most teaching philosophies which appear to be based on the instructor being the’god-like-deity-who-walks-the-earth’ ….

Tim G.

Recently I ordered the Woodsmaster series of videos by phone. Just a week later, by parcel post they arrived. I can’t begin to show my gratitude for the many lessons I have learned in the first seven. So many things I wish I had known in years gone by I can now pass on to my son. Even though he’s only three he really enjoyed watching you make fire. He asks to see Volumn One over and over again. I can’t wait until Volumn Eight arrives since you said you would send it as soon as the duplicates were available. The "Delbow" made the price worthwhile. What a concept.

Thanks again for your work and talent….

James C.

Hi Ron…

Vol 7 showed up in the mailbox today, so we watched it after dinner… I noticed the barf bag was missing from the box, but we didn’t actually need it. You guys really outdid yourselves this time –

the video was fantastic. I have mixed emotions about not being there – the experience would have been unbelievable, but I have a feeling it would have taken me a long time to get over it – I’m not sure there are enough antibiotics in the world to get me through

something like that…

Wally M.

Hello Ron,

Wanted to say hi and tell you how much I like your videos.

I have 2 of your videos now ( 3 & 6 ) and they are great!. Wish I’d had that info when I use to wander around the Ozarks. I always carried a knife and matches and had a little survival knowledge but nothing like what I’ve learned so far. Maybe someday I’ll be able to get back into the wilds. For now I like to learn and practice as a hobby, sort of….

Paul C.


My name is Jason C. and I have bought three of your videos.


Cave Cooking

Survival Kits

I just wanted to say that they are great I really enjoy them I also have a

friend who seeing my videos bought one from you Eventually we hope to have all of them.

I like the way you talk about knives, I make my own and after watching the weapons video I made a Bowie and a kukri they are what I like to carry when I go out into the woods….

Jason C.

I am now the proud owner of a complete set of Woodsmaster Videos. I think they are great and they hold a valuable place in my survival library. I

continue to refer back to all the volumes as I train. (Planning is not training…) I’ve been romping around here in Florida for a lot of years and

love to try out new stuff. Can I make a comment about your latest video. (I guess I am anyway) I enjoyed the video. I was glad to learn more about jungle survival. I got a better sense of what it is really like for such an area. However, when the video was done, I had a longing for something more. Specifically, more of what might best be described as "Hoodology". I wanted more techniques like those scattered throughout the other videos. I confess to being a gadget freak. And I don’t anticipate being more than walking distance from a place where man has already been. I like the "junkpile scavenger" ideas of making efficient use of available resources. More 550 cord tricks. wire, nails, sticks, knives, duct tape, ziplock bags, coffee cans, garbage bags, etc.

I say all that to say this. I’m a customer for all your future videos. And

I’m hungry for more "Hoodology". Short of taking one of your courses, I hope you keep producing quality videos.

Thx…. Brian

Hey you!! these are great!! the idea’s show that you have usedpractical solutions to what is all around you all the time, but most don’t see.. I have been into using native plants for many years,, also I lived with the Inuit[ coastal Eskimo] for 7 yrs. and the lady of thehouse taught me many survival tricks , but you have shown me that thereis always something to learn! I have made a sling . and used it, but need more practice to bring home the bacon. today I made the blade axe

it is very light and very efficient I plan to carry one on every trip ithe bush and always on my snow go trips . Do you mind if I show othersthese methods and tips? Oh, what kind of slug was that Ron ate at the beginning of the primitive weapons flick? I know we don’t have any ofthose up here in the Interior; but there is very abundant marine lifeall over the coastal zones of Alaska. I will get more flicks as soon aspossible. They are very easy to learn from, and Ron’s sense of humor is

Great! …

Dave from North Pole,Ak.

Dear Ron:

I have just recently received your first 5 videos in the WoodsMaster

Series. These tapes are great. I have been teaching boy scouts for years in pioneering and survival. I have a tip for you, if I may be so bold. In the video concerning firemaking, you use steel wool. You are the first person I have seen who uses that besides me. A neat package to put in a survival kit consists of a Bic Lighter (empty) with the bottom cut out, stuffed with fine steel wool. The lighter is nothing more than flint and steel…. therefore, a neat package of flint and steel with tender.

Thanks again for the fine job. By the way, you have a great sense of


Frank N.

Ron, your videos are the best there are. I have bought many other survival tapes and numerous books on survival before finding out about you and your videos in American Survival Guide. Your easy to understand format makes learning fun ! I live in the upper peninsula of Michigan where most of it is extremely remote, and coming here from living most of my life in big cities , your shared knowledge gives me added comfort when I am out in the backwoods. Looking forward to getting more of your videos,and keep up the great work

Michael R.

To: Ron and Karen Hood

I just picked up your survival basics # 1 video. The stuff I learned was more interesting and useful than what I have learned from years of reading books on survival! The Survival kits you talk about are possibly the cheapest, useful, and simplest kits I have ever seen. The trick with starting a fire with a mini-mag was pretty cool too. I also think that your idea for a survival forum was a great idea. Mr. Siminoch and Normark were particularly helpful when I posed a question about knifemaking. Thanks so much formaking a video that I can really learn something from.


Ben L. age 16

P.S. you can use what I said for a promotional quote if you like.

Ron and Karen,

My wife and i purchased all 12 of the videos That you have available. We want you to know we, and our grandchildren enjoy watching them and are learning a great deal. Thank you both for not only sharing your store of knowledge and craftsman ship, but also making it interesting, humorous and easy for even those of us who haven’t ever had the opportunity to spend the time and money to learn in the past. I too believe we live in artificial environment at the present time, the real world being coexisting harmoniously with nature with what was supplied by the maker .We think you are neat, real people.

Jim, Melody P.

Hey Ron,

I just purchased, and watched you survival basics videos, and I reallyenjoyed them. They were easy to understand and even entertaining. I now have my kids watching them, with my supervision of course, and my oldest son is now in a hurry for the two of us to run off and practice what he has learned. …..

I just wanted to say thanks for making videos that are simple. So many of the videos I have seen get complicated, and are hard to understand, and that is important to me when I want my children to watch them as well. Thanks again ….



— I received the 9 videos while I was on vacation last week. Watched Vol 9 first and it was *very* good. Have to watch it again because the Scotch hit me before the tape ended :) Excellent job. Though listening to the singing while very loaded is not recommended. Scotch through the nose is a painful thing.

Karen will have to do a video on making videos. I can’t figure out how she gets that close and not get singed. She must be part Nomex! Watched the rest of the videos in order. Damn fine. Many thanks. Can’t wait to see the video "Woodsmaster Out-Takes". Your on-camera humor got better as the series progressed and I’m surethere are some "priceless" pieces on the cutting room floor. Type at you later. Alan

Alan M./Corp Smoke Jumper/Sun Microsystems/

I discovered your first two videos this weekend, and am wildly enthusiastic about buying the rest of them as budget allows.

Keep up the good work. …

Bob B., Exec. Admin. Asst. Verizon

Dear Ms. Hood,

Thank you for your call last night and letting me know the videos were on the way.

The videos arrived this morning, and I have enjoyed viewing the first couple very much. Looks like I will be spending this weekend watching the Woodsmaster series.

My complements to you and Dr. Hood on an excellent series.


Mick C.
Rainier, Washington


Just wanted to say that I go the videos that I ordered and just finished watching them. Only one word comes to mind on the content…AWESOME. They are well worth the money. I can’t wait to collect the rest.


Ron and Karen

I enjoyed the videos I have been watching the knifemaking one over a couple of times .They arrived Friday so came in good delivery time also. I had no idea that a forge could be so simple. I have made a knife but did not heat treat it properly and now I can do again right. I have

everything I need it seems including a leaf spring I found just layingaround the farm here. There is probably all kinds of potent ional forgeable materials around now that my eyes are looking " outside the box" .

John G. Genoa Il

I ordered the entire series a few weeks ago and am greatly impressed when will the next one be out? Do you still have plans to make roughly 20 videos?

Thanks, Al

With my schedule I don’t get much on-line time, but when I do I head for your site, I just ordered Karen’s latest and anxiously await it’s arrival. Can I preorder you next video?

Also I read your review of the Armageddon, damn! Any chance you and Trace are going to hook up and do a HW piece? or is the Armageddon such a piece that it needs no alteration? Finally I am also awaiting

a blade from Matt Lamey. He is a great guy to deal with, and I will let you know about his work. You guys at hood’s woods are just awesome I don’t remember for sure how I stumbled onto your site, I think it was Karen’s article in ASG, but I have been hooked ever since. You guys rule!

James R. S.
Cpt. ERT

Dear Hoods Woods:

I have received Volume #3 and 10 of your Woodsmaster video series and would like to report my satisfaction with the tapes. They are first rate! They are much better than any of the other similar materials on the subject that are currently being sold. Mr. Hood is a wonderful teacher and his enthusiasm and charisma translate very well through the videos. The almost MacGyver-like uses for common items is a breath of fresh air. Please continue this. Most camping videos have the look of a sporting goods catalog. I am surprised many of them don’t come complete with an order form.

I plan on eventually buying the entire set of videos.

Thank you very much and I am looking forward to seeing more of your videos. Just the 2 videos that I own have made my camping trips more enjoyable!

Dave H. Galesburg, Il

Dear Ron and Karen Hood:

Please keep me informed of any other new Woodsmaster and Cave Cooking videos. The videos are great! I’ve gained a lot of new skills and knowledge from them. Keep up the great work.

Thank you,
Dwight W. Irving, TX

Dear Karen and Ron:

Thanks for the GREAT WORK!! We have enjoyed ALL of your videos and hope to see many more.

Thanks again,
Lou M. Frederick, MD

Ron and Karen,

Hello, I’ve learned a ton from your videos and have been hoping for another volume of Cave Cooking so I was sure glad to get the latest postcard announcement from you. I hope you’ll keep both series going a long time. I like the stuff on your website too!

Thanks a lot,
Tony N. Milo, MO

Dear Ron and Karen:

I enjoyed the first 2 videos I ordered early March. Your delivery time was great, less than eight days from the time I mailed the order to receiving it. I have enjoyed doing business with you!

Ron M. Sawanee, GA

Dear Karen,

Thought I’d drop you a well done Cave Cooking #3! I ordered your on 07/03 and received it on 07/05. Really was surprised. And it would have worth a longer wait. Enjoyed it a lot.


I just wanted you to know my wife and I watched Cave Cooking 3 for the 4th time and it was great. Just like all your other videos have been. We can’t wait for the next one.

What is Ron working on and when will it be ready?? Any plans to come to California in the future??? Thanks again,

Gary and Nancy P. California

Dear Ron and Karen:

Big whopping congratulations on winning the two Telly awards!

Believe me, you deserve more than that to let you know how much your fun, insightful and USEFUL work means to all of us Hoodlums out here.

Need I add, keep up the great work?

Thanks for everything, and again, huge conrats on getting a little

well-deserved recognition.

Sincerely, Jay S

Hi Karen,

Congratulations to you and Ron on the Telly awards, you should be very proud. Your videos went against some of the biggest media names and came out on top, a tribute to Ron’s instruction and your videography.

Thank you for the tracking numbers, you have once again shown the customer service that you and Ron are famous for. I am quite excited about the videos, I have followed Ron’s magazine articles for several years and have always enjoyed them. He displays not just an incredible knowledge of survival and wilderness skills, but also a great understanding of people and our learning process.

Take care and be safe,

I recently ordered your Hood Woods series of survival tapes and I must say I am blown away! I’ve always been interested in the outdoors and survival in general, but being a city boy have had little experience in either. There are many books and videos on the market that discuss these topics and give advice. I’ve been leery of what I’ve seen and read since it sounds more like theory than practice. I’m the type of guy that has to see happen to actually understand how it works. That is exactly what I experienced in your videos. I own videos about survival but they are very vague. Yours are quite detailed and even show alternatives if something doesn’t work. After watching your techniques I am quite confident that I could do the same (with practice of course). My point is that I own many books and videos on survival but have never been very trusting in them. However, your Hoods Woods series dwarf the others in knowledge, explanation and practicality.

Karen’s Cave Cooking series is quite insightful as well. As I mentioned I am a city boy so cooking and dressing game is quite foreign to me. Seeing how she does this and showing some tasty recipes was quit fascinating to me.

Thank you very much for putting together a comprehensive series that made me feel quite comfortable in the understanding of how primitive tools may work in a survival situation. Keep up the good work!

Al A.

Dear Ron and Karen!!

Just wanted to let you know that I really think the world of you two! Thanks for being yourselves and being so genuine. I am very proud to have you as friends. You run a great and valuable company.

Too bad the world isn’t filled with more folks like you, – it would be a much better place.

Take care and have a Grrreat Day!

Your good friend and very satisfied customer,

Tom C….Ohio

January 7, 2010Karen Hood