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WM6 – Primitive Weapons Technology

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Hosted by Ron Hood


You're out in the woods… and hungry. You've made it through the cold night but your traps are empty. You've seen quail, squirrels, deer and other fine meals running around… They were just too far away to grab… What do you do? If you had viewed this volume of the Woodsmaster, no problem! Chow time!

In this volume of the Woodsmaster you will learn how to make and use Slings,The Fustibal (Staff sling), Chakras, Apache Stars, Throwing sticks, Atlatls and darts,Throwing knives, and the Vietcong Cross bow. Not only that but you'll learn about Cordage construction using the cattail leaf, arrow straightening and construction and a whole bunch of great new Woodsmaster tips and techniques including the really cool Tent Bow. Wanna chow down OR defend yourself? If so, then this video is for you!

Remember… This video will SHOW YOU HOW. It is your responsibility to safely practice what you will see so you can gain the skills needed to USE these tools.


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Learn how to make arrows from the cattail and other materials.

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What is an Atlatl? How does it work? How can I make one?

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I thought Zena was the only person to use a Chakra…


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Bet she didn't know this trick!

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Q: Yeah… I want to make an Atlatl… How fast can I make one?

A: Does one minute work for you…?

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Where there's rope… there's hope. Get some hope. We show you the dope on rope. (sorry… couldn't resist that one!)

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Learn how to make… and how to learn to use a sling.

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The Fustibal is an ancient variation on the sling. It can really sling a stone. Learn several variations on this really effective hunting tool.

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The Apache throwing star is a real killer. These babies go together in minutes if you know the trick… and they WORK!


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Want to make a throwing stick? Learn how to select the right materials.

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Learn how that Atlatl works. See how this ancient weapon may have been our most effective weapon until the advent of the bow.

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Wanna throw a knife? We show you that too.

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If it flies, is sharp, and you can hunt with it… you'll see it in this video


We do not kill any game in this video. The skills for making the various hunting tools are the focus of this film. We also try to give you some idea of the power, range and accuracy of each tool along with a sense of the expediency of it's construction. There are thousands of ways to accomplish any task and we show you a few of them.

There is over an hour and forty five minutes of information in this interesting and informative video…

We think you'll enjoy every moment of it.

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January 7, 2010Karen Hood