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Survival Basics

Survival Basics Video Compilation

A great way to learn about our series!

Now a super value. Both volumes of Survival Basics on ONE DVD!

You get 134 minutes of super quality video instruction for only $16.95!

This DVD has 31 chapters for easy access to information. Great for scouts and schools!


We finally did what many of our visitors wanted… put together a  comprehensive, yet inexpensive, set of survival skills videos.

We call these videos Survival Basics because that’s just what they are. We took about 20 minutes of the most technique  focused material from each of our Woodsmaster videos and compiled  this material into a two video set.


This set doesn’t hold a candle to our original Woodsmaster videos  but they give you the opportunity to see what is on each of the Woodsmaster volumes and to learn basic survival skills at the same  time! They are an incredible value!

Why Buy Survival Basics?

You will gain valuable knowledge about the basic and most  important survival skills.

Survival Basics will give you a  preview into the more valuable Woodsmaster Video  Series.

You can learn first hand just what goes into each video and how  it is presented.

Survival Basics One

has the essential material from Volumes one through three of  the Woodsmaster Video Series.

Learn how to…

  • Build an effective shelter
  • Start a fire without a match
  • Build and use your own small effective and efficient  survival kit
  • Defeat the five deadly heat loss mechanisms
  • Tailor your survival kit to different environments
  • All with close-up  details!

Survival Basics II

focuses on the skills found in Volumes four and five of the Woodsmaster Video Series plus Karen Hood’s Cave  Cooking!

Learn how to…

  • Find your direction with a stick as your guide
  • Use the stars to navigate
  • use your wrist watch as a compass
  • Hungry? Meat or Maggots – you decide
  • Trap your own food with several different methods
  • Gourmet cooking? Watch and learn. Yum!
  • Determine your traveling distance with nature as a tool
  • All with close-up  details!


(If you have the complete Woodsmaster Video Series, this offer is redundant. You  already possess the best we have to offer!)

Each DVD only $19.95

Order online and save!!

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January 7, 2010Karen Hood