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CC1 – In The Bush

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Hosted By Karen Hood

In this landmark video Karen shows you how to clean and cook* fish, squirrel, marmot, maggot and some select wild edible plants. She teaches you how to make wilderness bread, the amazing stone oven, the hobo stove and hobo oven. You’ll see the dough rising tent and how to get yeast from your environment. This is the perfect complement to the Woodsmaster Volume 5 where we catch the food that Karen is cooking in this video!

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Find out why this odd looking thing can help you make bread!

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 Learn how to clean trout the easy way!

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A maggot munch! Find out how to locate this chow and how to prepare it. "Hey! Where did she get the PAN?" You’ll learn some neat tricks about that, too.

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Only a dog would eat a marmot RAW! Karen makes it into a meal and you get to see all of the steps!


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The wilderness Stone oven! This baby COOKS. Learn how to set one up and use it to bake a fine meal.

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That Marmot looked pretty nasty while she cleaned it, but wait till you see the stew! Wear an old shirt for this one.

This video was filmed entirely in the wilderness of the California Sierra and in the mountains of Idaho.

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*No animals were killed just for this video. They were harvested as food or were road killed. If this bothers you… please don’t order the video.

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January 7, 2010Karen Hood