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School of Self-Reliance

Christopher Nyerges & Dolores L. Nyerges


The School of Self-reliance is operated by Christopher and Dolores Lynn Nyerges.  Classes of various lengths are offered in wild food identification, wild food cooking, weaving with natural materials, shelter-building, making your own clothes, building solar cookers, integral gardening, primitive stone-working, orienteering, and many related topics.  Special topics are sometimes offered on an occasional basis, as the need arises.  Most of the "public" classes are on weekends and holidays, and special programs for schools, scouts, libraries (etc.) are often held during the week. Classes are offered to children and adults, emphasizing a hands-on approach to learning. 

The Nyergeses are not "survivalists" nor are they fear-mongers.  They teach that by learning, and by doing, and by applying natural laws to ones daily life, you not only enhance the quality of your health and life, but you become one part of the solution to the many problems facing everyone today.  The skills they teach are not only "wilderness survival skills" but skills that can be applied every day, even by urban dwellers.

Christopher and Dolores are also involved in writing and publishing.  Dolores created the web-site which lists books for sale, the schedule of events, wonderful photos, and many interesting articles.  The web site is www.self-reliance.net.  Christopher is the author of Guide to Wild Foods, Enter the Forest,Testing Your Outdoor Survival Skills, and other books and booklets.  Christopher regularly wrote for American Survival Guide, Mother Earth News, many other publications and newspapers.  Together, they both wrote Urban Wilderness and are working on Urban Homesteading.  They have appeared on Huell Howser’s public TV "Visiting" show, and many other local and national news shows.

Since 1974, over 22,000 people have attended classes and workshops by the Nyergeses.

To learn more, or to view their schedule of classes, check their web site or write to them at Box 41834, Eagle Rock, CA 90041.

January 7, 2010Karen Hood