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Orders and Deals


NOW Is your chance to take advantage of our Price reductions.

Get ready for Summer

More savings!

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To order you can…

If you choose to call us for information – or to place an order –  please note that our office hours are 9 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday.  Pacific Time.

The  information line is (208) 651-6309

Thank you!

To our Canadian Friends:  If you would like to order, call our  Toll Free line  or our information line at (208) 651-6309 to contact  us for shipping rates to Canada. We will ship Canadian orders VIA AIR Parcel  post. Generally rates to Canada are slightly higher than for US orders but we do  our best to keep the difference to a minimum.

We do not accept purchase orders.  If you are ordering from a School, library or other organization, please contact  us for ordering alternatives.

9 AM to 6 PM Pacific time

Notice; We no longer sell VHS versions of our videos

Read more about our changeover here

NOTE: If you already have the VHS version of our videos and want to upgrade to DVD we can upgrade your VHS videos to DVD at a much reduced price. You must have bought your videos from us for this offer to apply. Contact Karen by Email for details. info (at) survival (dot) com. You know what to do with “at” and “Dot”

Order from our On-Line Store

Call (208) 651-6309
for foreign shipping charges

Orders paid with checks are held for check clearance… about 10 days.

Woodsmaster Gift Certificates

Buy any number of videos for your intended recipient. We will send them a gift certificate and a catalog so they can pick and choose the videos they would like to add to their library. All you have to do is select the number of videos you’d like to send, then tell us where you’d like the certificate sent. We’ll take care of the rest!

To order call (208) 651-6309

Each DVD only $19.95

Order online and save!!

Order information Here or call
Orders and information: (208) 651-6309

MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Check, or Money Order 

January 4, 2010Karen Hood