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The Micro Kit




3 Wind /Waterproof Matches


Match Striker

For Matches, w/ Wood Tinder

1 Metal Match

Fire, Use With Char-cloth

1 Hacksaw Blade Striker

1½”For Metal Match, Knife

2  “Coghlans” Tinder plugs

Use with Metal Match

1 Floating Compass

Direction Finding

75 ft. 17# Conduit Line

Fishing, Sewing, Snares

2 Small Swivels

Fishing, Snares

4 Split Shot (B.B.)

Fishing, Writing

3 Small Brass Safety Pins

Repairs, Gigging

3 Small Hooks & 3 Flies

Fishing, Trapping

5 ft. 24ga. Brass Wire

Repairs, Snares

1 Needle & 1 EZ Awl

Repairs, First –Aid

1N”x1I”xN”Pill Case

To Hold Above Items

1½” Bike Tube Rubber

Use w/ Match for Fire Starter 

1 “Tropical Fish” Bag

8”x12”,Water Carrier, 1 Liter

4 Aqua-Clear Tabs

Water Purification, 1 Liter ea.

2 sq. ft. Aluminum Foil

Cup, Boil Water, Make Char-cloth

1 Elastic Band

To Secure Water Carrier

10 ft. Tapered Fly Line

Fishing, Use With Flies

2”x 3” Zip-Lock Bag

To Hold Above Items

In addition to the above kit, always carry with you a Good Quality Knife, Compass, Lighter, Whistle, Extra Food & Water, Large Garbage Bag, and KNOWLEDGE OF HOW TO USE THEM. ALWAYS TELL SOMEONE WHERE YOU ARE GOING AND WHEN YOU WILL BE BACK!

January 7, 2010Karen Hood