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Solo Gear List

Gear for 14 Day Solo trip
Gear list for Volume 11 "Solo Survival" video

Clothing/shelter: (OB = On Body)
Light Poly blanket modified for use as a serape
Leather shirt (OB)
Short sleeve shirt (OB)
Long sleeve shirt (OB)
Pants with zip off bottoms (Poly) (OB)
Lightweight long john bottoms
Underpants (OB)
Hat (OB)
Three headbands (ass rags) (1 OB)
Socks and boots. (OB)
Leather Belt. (OB)
Shelter Tarp
Leather gloves
Space rescue blanket
Gear: Shoulder bag, fanny pack or very small daypack
Mini kit
Maxi kit
Large fixed blade knife,
2 Small fixed blade knives
Glock Mod 30 and 4 mags (Corbon 185 gr)
(100 ft 550 cord in 35-foot lengths) modified from kit
Lock picks
(Multi tool?)
Insect repellent
Iodine purification bottle
Small notebook and pencil
Small binoculars
Sunglasses (100% UV)
.22 AR7 + 50rds Stinger
FRS radio and mini Digital video cam with batteries extra tape and mini tripod (for recording POV).

Food: Package of Coast Guard survival bars (2400 Kcal)
Tabasco sauce
Spice pack

Item Uses
5 Wind/Waterproof Matches Fire
15 feet 8# Monofilament fish line Fishing, Sewing
5 Split Shot (B.B.) Fishing, Writing
4 Small safety pins Repairs, Fishing, Gigging
2-5 Aspirin (wrap in foil & seal with wax) Pain
1 Needle (EZ awl type) Repairs, First Aid,
1 Match striker For matches
1 Metal Match (Fire sparker) Fire starting
1-2 Single Edge Razor blade(s) Use as scalpel
5 #14 Trout hooks For fishing, Trapping
15 feet #24 brass wire or Monel Leader wire Repairs, Snares
5 feet of 1" adhesive tape First-aid, Repairs
1 Boot lace Repairs, fire bows, tie line for kit
1 Bouillon cube (optional) To force liquids, for salt and flavoring
1 Prophylactic Water carrier
1 Whistle Signaling

Item Uses
1-2 Person Tube tent or 8’X 8’ tarp (2-4 Mil.) Shelter, water still,
1 Compass Direction
30 feet Nylon Parachute cord 550# To tie shelter, emergency descent
1 Flashlight (Pal light) No spare battery Light, start fire (W/ 0000 steel wool)
2 Zip lock Bags (1 Gal. (Optional)) Foot and head protection fm rain & snow
2-4 Large trash bags Carry ONE at all times, Shelter, protect gear
1 Knife (Swiss Army Rucksack model) General uses, cutting etc.
1 Candle (Pink Lady or Votive type) Lighting fires, signals, light, heat
1/2 Road Flare (striker end) (Optional) Starting fires, signaling, hunting
1 1# coffee can For cooking and to hold Maxi kit
1 biscuit 0000 steel wool Smoothing carving, fire starting

January 7, 2010Karen Hood