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Important Announcement Concerning The Hoodlum forum (and a Ron update below)

Today, 3/27/11 The Hoodlums Forum went down. We are working with InvisionBoard to restore access. Due to InvisionBoards restrictive data policies we will be moving The Hoodlums forum to a new Host ASAP. We hope that this will not inconvenience anyone and we are working to fix it as quickly as possible. Stay tuned for updates.


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On January 27 Ron went in for a radical prostatectomy. The surgeon used the “Da Vinci” robotic assist to handle the surgery. During the surgery all lymph nodes and the prostate was removed. Clearly this was major surgery. By mid February Ron was beginning to function once again and continues to heal from the event. There are side effects to this sort of surgery that he is currently dealing with and our hopes for a full recovery are strong. Unfortunately upon examination of the prostate it was determined that the cancer had migrated past the margins of the surgery and some remained with him. He still tests positive for cancer and we are waiting for more tests. If the cancer continues to develop he will be undergoing further treatment in a few months. Meanwhile he is busy working on the next issue of Survival Quarterly and continuing to work with Buck Knives on a legacy line of wilderness and survival knives.

We will keep you posted as things develop.

The Hood family is overwhelmed by the support, love, prayers and kind words. They have received several thousand emails and are trying to reply to as many as possible.

Once again, Thank you from the staff at Hoods Woods

Recently Ron Hood received the unfortunate news that he has a very aggressive form of prostate cancer. His Gleason score is 7 on one side and 9 on the other. Last year his PSA was 4, a couple months ago it was 7 and recently it was 43.5. It is believed to most likely be attributed to his contact with Agent Orange during his tour in Vietnam, as this is symptomatic of the kind of cancer AO gave many of the soldiers who served in Vietnam while it was used.

When he was first diagnosed, there was a very real concern from his Doctor that it might have spread to the soft tissues and bones and been very dire. Since then, thankfully, a CT scan showed that it was not as aggressive as was originally feared and his condition was lowered to advanced prostate cancer. Still not good, but much better than originally thought. But more importantly, BEATABLE!

As we have all seen in his videos, magazine, interviews and those of us who know him as a friend Ron is facing this with the same grace, grit and raw determination that he forces down the throat of any challenge that comes before him. As he so beautifully put it “What I’m going to try to do is keep this public as much as I can. When I beat it I can hope it will be a lesson for others who face similar challenges.”

If you would like to write a note of encouragement, well wishes, or offer your support in this time of crisis, you may send the Hood family by using this simple form found here. Ron, Karen and Jesse will see your notes of support and the strength they draw from your prayers and your love will help tremendously.

We will be trying to post regular updates regarding his fight on the home page of survival.com, but if you would like more regular news from those who know him best please feel free to sign up to the Hoodlums Message Board where you will see updates from many sources.

Thank you very much for your support, it is very well received. Sincerely, all of us at Hoods Woods and the Hoodlums boards.

January 28, 2011Karen Hood